Workforce Compliance Management

Track and manage employee licenses and certifications with primary source verification. Reduce risk, increase efficiency, standardize processes.

Certemy workforce compliance management software platform for employers of licensed and certified professionals

Workforce Compliance Management Software

Certemy’s workforce compliance management software provides a new, affordable solution for employers who wish to automatically track and manage employee licenses and certifications with primary source verification.

Gain end-to-end visibility and control of your workforce compliance program. Save time and effort, lower administration costs, eliminate missed deadlines, standardize processes, and minimize your exposure to the risks of non-compliance — including lawsuits, fines, and lost business.

Benefits for Employers

Proactively manage all your employee compliance requirements, data, and documents in one common system of record shared by Human Resources, managers, operations staff, and employees.

Reduce Risk

Ensure that your employees are fully licensed and certified at all times. Avoid the high costs of employee non-compliance, including customer and employee lawsuits, fines, lost business, impaired reputation, and excessive insurance premiums.

Improve Efficiency

Manage, track, and verify employee license and certification compliance in real-time across your company. Generate digitally-signed, time-stamped documents that demonstrate compliance in the event of disputes, claims, or lawsuits.

Standardize Processes

Enable your compliance staff to manage consistent employee compliance best practices and requirements at every level across your organizations to maintain brand reputation and minimize liability.

How it Works

Manage all of the three core pillars of workforce compliance in a single software platform.


Track employee license and certification expirations and renewals. Ensure your employees are fully licensed and certified at all times. Eliminate the risks and costs of non-compliance, including fines, lawsuits, and lost business. Avoid last-minute scrambles and costly expirations.


Use primary source verification to periodically check employee credential status between renewals. Quickly detect when an employee license or certificate has been revoked or suspended by a state licensing board or a professional certification board.


Guide employees and managers step-by-step through their credential applications and renewals with automated reminders and database-driven PDF form fills. Eliminate the errors, delays, lost productivity, and last-minute scrambles that occur when employees are required to completely self-manage their licenses and certifications.

Product Tour — Track Credential Expirations and Renewals

Watch this video to see how Certemy helps you track employee license and certification expirations. Note that Certemy can also help you use primary surces, such as state licensing boards, to verify credential status between renewal cycles so you can quickly detect and react to suspensions and other sanctions imposed on your employee by a credentialing board. Certemy can also provide primary source verification for you as an optional add-on to our core workforce compliance solution.

Certemy professional certification management software platform demo

Product Tour — Streamline Credential Applications & Renewals

Watch this video to see how Certemy helps you and your employees complete credential applications and renewal requirements using our easy-to-use no-programming workflow tool.

Certemy professional certification management software platform demo

Product Tour — Primary Source Verification

See for yourself how our primary source verification solution features allow you to verify employee credential status between renewals with efficiency and scale.

Product Tour — Auto-Populate PDF Forms

Watch this video to see how Certemy helps you and your employees automatically complete credential application and renewal forms using employee data previously captured and stored in your Certemy credential database.

Certemy professional certification management software platform demo


Here are some of the major features of our employee compliance management solution.

Comprehensive Workforce Compliance Solution with Easy Integration to Your Existing Systems

Track, manage, and verify employee credentials in an all-in-one solution that integrates with your existing systems. Manage all your employee compliance workflows, data, and documents in one place online. Go paperless. Reduce errors. Eliminate duplicate data entry. Simplify data reporting and analysis.

Automated Expiration Alerts & Task Reminders

Let Certemy push proactive alerts to your employees and compliance managers for expiring credentials and pending credentialing or verification tasks. Ensure nothing falls through the cracks. Avoid last-minute scrambles and costly expirations.

No-Programming Workflow Builder

Define new credentialing and verification workflows in minutes without programming. Enhance or modify existing workflows – including our library of prebuilt workflows — in seconds. Create workflows for employee licenses, certifications, and other needs such as OSHA training.

Map View Dashboard

View compliance across your entire organization — or zoom in to view regions or individual offices and locations. Use actionable drill-downs to find and fix root cause issues.

Calendar View Dashboard

Identify urgent compliance issues that you must address soon. Prioritize your most pressing credentialing and verification to-dos by understanding which specific tasks are due on a day-by-day and week-by-week basis. Use actionable drill-downs to find and fix root cause issues.

Tile View Dashboard

Visualize detailed compliance status and expirations across your workforce. Filter by region, office, and credential. Use actionable drill-downs to find and fix root cause issues.

Library of State and Credential Specific Workflows

Get up and running in minutes with prebuilt workflows for your employees’ licensure and certification requirements, specific to each State board and credential. . Each workflow includes appropriate PDF forms from specific licensing and certification boards that your employees can complete and store online. Enter data once, collect appropriate signatures, and print and mail/email completed forms to pertinent boards — all on one platform. No need to manually complete paper forms or online PDFs. No need to snail mail or email documents to employees for signature. Certemy understands your compliance requirements out of the box — just flip a switch and assign your employees and admins to the appropriate workflows.

Fillable PDF Forms Management with Database Integration

Let your employees and compliance managers complete PDF forms online. Save form data and completed forms online to streamline reporting and audits. Print and share completed forms on demand. Automatically populate new forms with prior year data to streamline renewals. Forms are auto-populated year after year unless data changes. Let employees or compliance managers update saved form data at any time.

Advanced Credential Management Support

Streamline employee compliance with complex licensure or certification requirements. Guide employees and managers through each step of an application or renewal process. Simplify complex credentialing requirements like CE tracking, work logs, and custom data collection.

Flexible Task Assignment

Assign credentialing tasks to employees or dedicated compliance managers or both as your compliance management needs dictate.

Evidence Document Uploads

Eliminate paper and lost paperwork by storing all your compliance data and supporting documents online in our central database.

Cloud-Based Document Storage

Take advantage of unlimited online storage for your employee compliance documents.

Electronic Signatures

Collect digital signatures online to save time, eliminate paper, and minimize in-person office visits.

Custom Reports

Gain new insights and make better employee compliance management decisions based on real-time data.

Stringent Access Controls

Manage user access to sensitive compliance data by credential and location.

Multi-Location Support

Manage company locations to enable compliance reporting and data access control at any level across your organization.

SOC 2 Security

Keep your compliance data safe and secure from accidental or malicious exposure.

Some of Our Employee Compliance Customers


Why Choose Certemy?

Here are some of the reasons customers choose Certemy over other credentialing and compliance management solutions.

Custom Solutions Without Custom Programming

Our intuitive user interface lets staff automate complex workflows in hours, and change them in minutes, without programming. Keep your system current and relevant to your business needs without large IT staffs and expensive change orders.

Lowest Cost of Ownership

One predictable, affordable annual fee. No implementation or change fees. Setup, training, support, and document storage all included.

Industry Expertise

Certemy was founded by industry experts. Our staff and advisors have decades of experience in your industry and help us ensure that our products address your specific business needs and pain points. An active member of the credentialing and regulatory communities, Certemy is a proud member of the Institute for Credentialing Excellence (ICE), the Council on Licensure, Enforcement and Regulation (CLEAR), and the Association of Test Publishers (ATP).

Fastest to Implement and Change

Implement Certemy in as little as 30 days. Once live, change any workflow in minutes without programming or IT help.

Easiest to Learn and Use

Let professionals and employees complete your requirements on any device. Let your staff use equally simple screens for managing, reviewing, auditing, and analyzing your credentialing and compliance programs.

Easiest to Integrate

Integrate with your existing website, core business systems, including LMS, AMS, testing, and HRIS systems, and key business partners.

Proven Return on Investment (ROI)

Certemy customers have cut admin costs by 50% by dramatically reducing paper handling, phone calls and emails. Customers also enjoy higher completion and retention rates.

Most Secure

Store your data in the cloud with the strictest security and encryption available. Certemy is one of the only solution providers to be SOC 2 certified. SOC 2 certification is the new baseline for security conscious organizations who cannot afford accidental or malicious damage or disclosure of their core data.