License Verification Tool | Acute Care NP – Adult (Renewal Only)

The National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN) requires that advanced practice registered nurses (APRNs) maintain a valid, unencumbered, controlled-substance license. Acute care Nurse Practitioners (ACNPs) must stay ahead of license renewal requirements and the ability to quickly identify and provide a record of license Verification is a greater need now than ever before. To assist employers in staying ahead of the game, automated license verification is the key.

For employers and licensure authorities, automated license verification provides a cost-efficient way of confirming whether a health professional holds an active, appropriate and up-to-date license. It is an effective way of addressing regulatory Compliance and risk mitigation. With primary source verification becoming the gold standard for license verification ? and necessary for hospital credentialing processes ? automated license verification is the most efficient and secure way of confirming an individual?s license status.

To minimize the stress on hospitals, health systems, and staffing agencies, automated license verification solutions enable employers and licensing authorities to automatically track, manage, and monitor employee licenses and credentials in one system of record. Not only are major errors and redundancies eliminated from the credentialing process, but managers also get improved visibility across the entire organization and can stay ahead of renewal cycles more efficiently.

When selecting an automated license verification solution for acute care nurse practitioners, It is important to consider how streamlined the process and workflow will be. A primary source verification system should be cloud-based and integrated into existing workplace technology, thus eliminating the need to start from scratch. It ishould be optimized for web, mobile, and tablet usage. Additionally, It ishould provide auditing and reporting capabilities, as well as customizable workflows and real-time tracking of employee licenses and credentials.

Ultimately, the goal of automated license verification is to make verifying transcripts, exam scores, certifications, licenses, and continuing education credits simpler and faster. Auditing and reporting should be automated, and workers should have the ability to easily view their professional licensure status in one location. Licenses should be confirmed from trusted sources such as the NCSBN, the American Association of Nurse Practitioners (AANP) and NLC or Nurse License Compact ? regardless of the state the nurse practitioner is employed in.

For hospitals, health systems, and other health care employers, automated license verification helps reduce the amount of paperwork needed for credentialing staff. The result is a streamlined process that saves time and money. And while manual processes are still part of the process, primary source verification with automated license verification ensures greater accuracy and reliability.

When it comes to acute care nurse practitioners, automated license verification is the answer to staying compliant with state and national licensing requirements. It reduces paperwork while providing a reliable record of license verification in a timely fashion. As renewals become increasingly important for APRNs in the health care field, automated license verification is the most secure and efficient way to ensure they stay ahead of the game.


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