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Statistics show that a majority of civil or criminal cases contain some form of occupational fraud or misconduct, with employers being held liable in a non-negligible number of those cases. To ensure compliance with regulations, it is essential for employers to track employee licenses and credentials accurately and thoroughly. Manual verification processes are labor intensive and costly, and they are often used as a last resort when there?s no other way to verify accuracy.

Luckily, technology provides an effective answer. Automated License Tracking and Primary Source Verification systems allow employers to manage a workforce compliance program efficiently and cost-effectively. So, how does such a system work and how can it help employers stay ahead of regulatory compliance?

Use an Automated License Tracking System to Stay Ahead of Regulatory Compliance

An automated license tracking system gives employers real-time visibility into employee licenses and credentials, eliminating the time and cost required to manually collect and track license and credential verification data. It also allows employers to meet local, state, and federal regulations, given that most occupational licensing agencies regularly check on compliance by auditing employers.

Automated license tracking systems offer comprehensive primary source verification, alerting employers to any expired or lapsed professional licenses or credentials in their workforce. It also reduces the risk of compliance failure by providing an automated alerting system whenever a license or credential is due to expire or is placed on probationary status.

Manage Compliance with Pre-Built Workflows

In addition to providing real-time cognitive license and credential tracking, automated license tracking systems also enable employers to easily manage their compliance programs. By utilizing pre-built workflows, employers can easily deploy and configure workflows specific to individual licenses and credentials, automating application processes for each license or credential that the employer is pursuing. Automation saves employers from having to manually monitor license and credential statuses and manually apply for each new license or credential, saving both time and money.

Track Employee Performance and Certifications Easily with Automated Systems

Manual tracking and monitoring of employee performance and certifications requires a significant amount of time and resources, including regular monitoring of changes in licensing requirements across multiple jurisdictions. Automated license tracking systems allow employers to easily track employee performance and certifications, reducing the amount of time and resources required to maintain such tracking.

Moreover, automated systems allow employers to easily stay on top of license and credential renewal for each of their employees, ensuring that their employees are compliant with the state and federal regulations of the industry.

Last ideas

By automating license and credential tracking with an automated license tracking system, employers can easily stay ahead of regulatory compliance. Automated license tracking systems provide employers with real-time visibility into employee licenses and credentials, allowing for tracking and management of licenses and credentials from one central location. They also utilize pre-built workflows for easy automation of application processes. Finally, automated systems also allow employers to easily track employee performance and certifications, giving them an edge when it comes to ensuring that employees are compliant with relevant regulations.


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