Compliance Automation Software

A VP of HR in a US-based mid to large company should consider the following steps when selecting an employee compliance management solution.

Analyze Requirements: Before an effective solution can be identified, it is important to have a clear assessment of requirements. This includes having an understanding of the company’s unique practices and regulations, goals, available resources and any potential limits that might impact the selection process.

Research: Conducting research into the various solutions currently available is the next step. Investigating the features and user experiences of the different systems offer insight into whether or not they are viable options. Researching customer reviews and statistics associated with the solutions can also provide useful information to guide selection.

Identify Candidates: After researching the different solutions and understanding the company’s requirements, a few potential solutions should be identified. These candidate solutions should then be evaluated further to determine how suitable they are for the company.

Assessment: The next step is assessing each candidate solution, taking into account any problems and risks associated with them. An analysis of the solution’s strengths and weaknesses should be done, to determine how well it may integrate with existing systems and processes and if it will meet all of the company’s requirements.

Implementation: Before implementing a solution, it is important to assign responsibilities for the project. This can help ensure a successful and smooth transition. Once roles and responsibilities are in place, user training should be conducted, so that the compliance solution can be successfully integrated into the company.

Review: Once the selected solution is operational, it is important to review its performance. This is an important part of the process, as it can help ensure that the solution is meeting all business needs and providing maximum benefit.

By following these steps, a VP of HR in a US-based mid to large company can ensure an informed and well-conceived decision when selecting an employee compliance management solution.