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As a Compliance leader, it can be overwhelming to keep up with the ever-changing regulations of occupational licenses. With ever-changing laws and increased scrutiny from regulators, It is important to ensure your workforce remains compliant with all applicable regulations. Through automation and data integrations, employers can streamline their license Verification processes, reduce compliance risk, and save time. Certemys comprehensive platform helps compliance officers stay on top of license requirements, promote ongoing compliance, and improve operational efficiency.

What is Certemy?

Certemy is a modern license verification platform providing uninterrupted monitoring of employee licensing and certification. It automates license management, primary source verification, and records archiving, minimizing compliance risk and reducing the time it takes to recruit, onboard, and maintain a workforce. Certified by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing, Certemys web-based dashboard enables employers to track licensure plans, credit and expiration eligibility, and report disciplinary action for employees with an occupational license.

What Are the Benefits of Using Certemy?

Using a comprehensive license verification platform like Certemy offers several benefits for compliance officers and employers.

Save Time on License Verification

Certemysimplifies license monitoring by automating verification queries for each employee and sending alerts when a license is revoked or otherwise suspended. This saves employers considerable amounts of time that may have been spent manually gathering information from multiple sources.

Improve Compliance and Stay Ahead of Regulations

By being able to automatically track licenses and certifications, employers can ensure they and their employees are always compliant with regulations. Certemys automated system allows users to store license documents and expiration dates in one centralized location, allowing employers to stay ahead of changing requirements.

Reduce Risk of Disciplinary Action and Sanction

By automating and tracking individual employee license documents, Certemy reduces the risk of disciplinary action and sanctions. This allows employers to maintain complete visibility of their workforce compliance program, ensuring that issues do not arise.


Using a license verification tool such as Certemy can help employers automate and streamline the onboarding process, reduce the risk of disciplinary action and sanctions, and save time. The platform also helps compliance officers stay ahead of regulations and ensure their workforce remains compliant. Certemys platform is trusted by large US employers to help them reduce their compliance burden and maintain an up-to-date workforce.


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