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Navigating the complex realm of professional and occupational licensing compliance can be a daunting task for many employers today. With countless regulatory requirements, changing laws, and rules across different jurisdictions, It is easy to get overwhelmed. The risk of not maintaining up-to-date compliance with existing licensing and certification credentials is very real. Not only can it lead to hefty fines and a loss of reputation, but also potential lawsuits. Certemy is an advanced License Verification Platform that offers employers a reliable, automated solution for verifying employee licenses and certifications across the US.

Certemy is a secure, cloud-based platform that automates and simplifies the license verification process. It offers complete transparency and control of an organizations compliance program. With real-time tracking of employee credentials, Certemy provides a centralized system of record that simplifies managing and monitoring compliance information for an entire workforce. The platform also empowers employers to stay ahead of expected regulatory changes and swiftly respond to unforeseen developments.

The license verification process is triggered through e-mail enabled credential verification requests. Pre-configured workflows allow for automated license application processes and integration to existing HR systems. The platform further enables organizations to compare and contrast results across all jurisdictions in one centralized view, thus providing actionable insights. Certemy also boasts features such as automated renewal reminders and multiple levels of verification to ensure accuracy and completeness of data.

Organizations turn to Certemy for a variety of reasons. Firstly, to streamline and control the tedious process of license verifications by providing reliable, primary-source verified data with minimal effort. Secondly, to greatly reduce the manual effort that typically goes into processing such requests and to increase staff productivity. Thirdly, the platform enables employers to build and manage a program that identifies any potential non-compliant individuals and address them accordingly.

The advanced certification tracking system offered by Certemy, serves many corporate roles, including Human Resources Directors, Compliance officers, or Nurse Directors. Organizations can further benefit from automated follow-up processes, eliminating the hassle of manual tracking and enforcement of deadlines, saving a significant amount of time and money in the process.

Certemys advanced and comprehensive license verification platform is backed by some of the largest US employers and provides industry-best practices that help employers save time, streamline compliance operations, and improve staff utilization. All these advantages grant organizations a competitive edge and the risk management capabilities to tackle the complexities of professional and occupational licenses with confidence.


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