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Given the increasingly complex regulatory compliance landscape, organizations are realizing more and more the advantages of streamlining their employee licensing and certification process. Certemy, a cloud-based platform, provides a convenient and cost-effective way for companies to automate and simplify license and credential tracking while ensuring regulatory compliance for their workforce.

Certemys platform incorporates the latest technology to provide employers with a state-of-the art automated system for verifying employee credentials. This system is built to be user-friendly, letting users view and track employee certifications in real-time. With the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) compliant system, organizations can be assured of the assurance of employee data, privacy, and safety.

Organizations using the Certemy platform benefit from a full suite of features that allow for the secure management of employee credentials. Easily track certifications, access relevant documents, and share necessary credentials with the various stakeholders in the system. Certemy also provides complete visibility and control of employee licenses by offering primary source verification to ensure the authenticity of the license or certificate.

Certemy automates the entire licensing process for the organization, allowing the HR department to save time on manual processes and allowing them to better utilize their staff. Pre-built workflows are fully configurable, making it easy for organizations to create and execute license applications and automate the license renewal process. This means employees can be up to date on their licensing and certifications in a fraction of the time.

Organizations that use Certemy can manage employee credentialing from anywhere in the world without needing to send credentials to multiple sources. This makes sharing credentials across the entire organization more efficient and secure. These organizations also have the ability to leverage internal reporting, auditing, and tracking capabilities for their full compliance requirements.

Prevention of employee license sanctions is also one of the strong features of Certemy. Through the intuitive dashboard, organizations can easily view the status of their employees’ license expiration dates to ensure timely renewal and prevent sanctions from being placed.

Certemy also offers integrated analytics, allowing organizations to measure and monitor the progress of their compliance program. This helps to improve decision-making and increase transparency for all involved stakeholders. Organizations are able to better understand their compliance efforts and how their organization can better manage employee licenses and certifications.

Certemy is a comprehensive software that streamlines the employee licensing and certification process by quickly verifying the status of employee credentials while ensuring regulatory compliance. From secure management of employee licenses and credentials, automated workflows, primary source verification, to providing insight into employee compliance and analytics, Certemy provides organizations with an efficient and cost-effective solution for their credentialing needs.


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