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License verification can be a tedious and time-consuming process for Human Resources teams. With so many different types of licenses and certifications required for positions in many professional fields, HR departments must ensure that their employees meet the qualifications set by their employers. Primary source verification systems can provide an automated, efficient, and cost-effective solution for keeping workers compliant and staying compliant with regulations.

Primary source verification is a process that confirms the status of an employees license or certification by verifying the information directly with the issuing agency or institution. When an employer conducts primary source verification, they typically review multiple key documents such as publicly available databases, education verification, license renewal records, and state licensing boards. These sources provide confirmation that the individual has the appropriate education, experience, and training required for the position.

By using an automated primary source verification system, Human Resource teams can efficiently access, track, and store license verification information. This helps reduce compliance-related risks, mitigate staff utilization, and save time. Automated verification systems are an important part of managing Human Resource operations, as they provide an added layer of security and ensure compliance with employment requirements.

Certemy is an industry leader in automated license verification software. Its automated system provides real-time tracking of employee licenses and credentials and helps increase visibility and control of a companies workforce compliance program. Certemys pre-built workflows are customizable, allowing employers to streamline the license application process.

Certemy tracks and manages licenses and certifications with primary source verification. The system ensures that all employees? licenses and certifications are active, appropriately renewed, and free of sanctions or other disciplinary actions. It is trusted by some of the largest U.S. employers, simplifying the process of confirming employee licensure and certification. It provides HR teams with a single system of record, making it easy to access the most up-to-date license status information.

Certemys automated license verification system is also an important tool for ensuring compliance with regulations and standards. By streamlining the process of verifying employee licenses and certifications, a company can minimize risk and remain up-to-date with emerging compliance requirements.

Automated primary source verification systems are a key part of Human Resource operations, providing employers with the assurance that their employees are certified and meet necessary qualifications. Employ Univerify’s Certemy tool to ensure compliance with leading standards and mitigate risk.


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