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Master of Public Health (MPH) holders have an ethical obligation to remain aware of industry and government regulations designed to protect the public?s health and safety. That includes maintaining credentials in good standing, including appropriate occupational licenses and certifications. To ensure quality and safety throughout healthcare careers, the verification of such credentials should be an automated process?and that?s where Certemy comes in.

Certemys automated primary source verification system provides a comprehensive view of an individual healthcare professional?s credentials in one centralized location. With real-time tracking and visibility, this platform allows employers to verify a master of public health holders? licenses and certifications to ensure their validity and standing. This allows employers to save time and energy with streamlined processes, network-based tools, and comprehensive tracking.

Certemy also allows employers to monitor applicable licensure bodies and sanctions through continuous monitoring, thereby helping to mitigate risk and ensure that employees? credentials remain unblemished and free of errors or missed deadlines. To further streamline efficiency, Certemy offers pre-built workflows that utilize accurate and automated data to ensure accuracy and consistency in tracking of terms and conditions, as well as license expiration notifications that help flag discrepancies.

Having a complete view of an employees credentials can be invaluable, especially since regulatory compliance is a critical imperative for any healthcare organization and its staff. With that in mind, Certemy provides employers with a well-defined and incredibly user-friendly system of record keeping. It eliminates the need for tedious manual data entry and tracking, and provides efficient, automated primary source verification of credentials.

Another key benefit of Certemys platform is its expansive network capabilities. The platform can be connected to state licensure boards across the U.S., thereby allowing employers to keep up-to-date on current licensure requirements as they?re updated at the state level. This also allows quick verification of multiple individuals? licenses in brief periods of time.

For MPH takes and employers alike, Certemy provides a comprehensive view of an employee or candidate?s credentials through an automated and intuitive platform that mitigates risk, improves team productivity and visibility, and ensures compliance of licensing rules at the state level. With its streamlined processes, valuable network capabilities, and continuous monitoring of licensure bodies and sanctions, Certemy is an invaluable partner for healthcare organizations and their employees.


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