License Verification Tool | Electrician Master Limited Low Voltage

Occupational licensing is integral for certain industries requiring expertise and trust to handle dangerous products and services. The same applies to the limited low-voltage electrical industry ? advanced electrical work must be handled appropriately, and with the right license. As a compliance lead for an organization, you know the importance of verifying that your organizations electricians have the appropriate credentials and certifications they need. That?s why you are researching the best, most convenient ways to make sure your team is up-to-date on their license.

Certemy is an online license verification service that provides comprehensive primary source verification of occupational licenses and credentials for electrical workers. For limited low-voltage electrical work, Certemy is the go-to option to ensure credentials are valid, up-to-date, and free of sanctions. This will become increasingly important with the changing regulations and requirements of the industry, and Certemy helps to stay ahead.

There are many benefits to using Certemy. Its automated license tracking gives you peace of mind that you are in compliance with regulators and your companies risk profile. Having this tracking in one system of record also gives you the ability to easily search and manage your teams licenses and credentials on one platform. Certemy also has pre-built workflows that are customizable to suit your compliance process and the specific needs of your team.

The streamlined process means that managing essential documents efficiently affects utilization throughout the organization. Certemy makes sure that you are ahead of compliance and will reduce manual time associated with verifying licenses which saves time and money. Based on the license type, legislators set specific requirements for obtaining a license. Staff can use the system to determine the forms they need to complete and the steps they must take to gain a license.

Verifying and tracking licenses and credentials is an important part of any organizations compliance program. Certemys automation will help you easily manage your program and keep your electricians licensed. With Certemys comprehensive primary source verification, you can rest assured that your electrical team has the right certifications and credentials to ensure the safety of everyone involved.


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