License Verification Tool | National Healthcare Disaster Certification

In the healthcare sector, the ability to quickly adapt to disasters and changes in the environment is essential. However, preparing for disaster scenarios can take a significant amount of time and resources. Health professionals must maintain the necessary certifications and licenses to provide care, ensuring that those who do respond are qualified to do so. The process of confirming the qualifications and licenses of the medical personnel responding to a disaster or other crises can be time consuming and complex.

Certemy is an automated license verification platform that helps healthcare organizations streamline their compliance processes. The system helps employers verify the necessary licenses and certifications for healthcare professionals in a fraction of the time. This allows healthcare providers and employers to quickly respond to disasters, minimizing delays when hiring during a crisis and ensuring healthcare workers are prepared to act quickly and effectively.

Certemys automated primary source verification helps employers verify the validity of occupational licenses and certifications held by their staff members. Certemy provides complete visibility into each workforce’s compliance program, allowing employers to easily access crucial information about their staff in order to quickly respond to disasters and other crises. The platform tracks and manages licenses and certifications with primary source verification, allowing employers to quickly assess the validity of a professional?s credentials during disasters or other time-critical events.

The platform uses pre-built workflows with advanced configurability settings to simplify license application processes. Certemys automated license verification system allows healthcare employers to verify the licensing of professionals with the click of a mouse. This helps employers save time and improve staff utilization while minimizing risk in terms of compliance and liability. Employers also receive real-time tracking of employee licenses and credentials in a single system of record, allowing them to quickly respond to changing regulations or emergencies.

The Certemy Automated Licensing System is used by some of the largest U.S. employers to efficiently manage license compliance and improve staff utilization. The system allows healthcare providers to quickly and safely respond to disasters and other critical events, ensuring that the staff members on the scene are qualified to provide care.

Certemys automated license verification system provides an efficient and secure way for healthcare organizations to maintain compliance. By simplifying the license verification process, healthcare organizations can quickly and easily access information about their staff to ensure that the people responding to disasters are qualified to do so.


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