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Health care professionals have a unique responsibility to ensure that they hold all the necessary certifications and licenses in order to practice legally and safely. As healthcare organizations expand, so too does the complexity and challenge of managing the licenses and certifications of their health care staff. This makes efficient and reliable license verification a key factor in mitigating risk and ensuring quality patient care.

Certemy is a leading license verification solution that automates the process of verifying and managing healthcare professional licenses. Built specifically for healthcare organizations, Certemystreamlines and simplifies the process of primary source verification, helping healthcare organizations save time, money, and resources.

Why Healthcare Organizations Can Benefit from Certemy

Certemy allows healthcare organizations to effectively manage their license verification process by providing:

Real-time tracking of employee licenses and credentials in one system of record.

Automatically tracking certifications and primary source verification.

Pre-built workflows for automating license application processes.

Tailored to organizations in the US with the ability to verify healthcare professional licenses from all necessary agencies.

Increased team productivity and visibility through the entire organization.

Real-time alerts when certifications or licenses need to be renewed.

Overall, Certemy eliminates the need for manual tracking and verification by automating the process, providing organizations with much needed time to focus on other important things such as providing quality patient care.

Easily Track Your Healthcare Professionals? Certifications and Licenses

Certemy is built on a centralized platform to ensure that healthcare organizations have a full view of their health care professionals? certifications and licenses. The system provides a single source of truth for the employee data and their credentials, with the ability to easily view renewals and disciplinary actions as needed.

The centralized system of record ties directly to position-specific licensing and certification requirements, allowing organizations to automatically ensure any changes to employee requirements, renewals, or disciplinary actions are tracked automatically. This feature makes the job of compliance teams easier, freeing them to focus on other important tasks and allows them to make critical decisions faster and with greater confidence.

Protect Your Practice and Streamline Compliance Efforts with Certemy

Certemys automated license verification process helps healthcare organizations eliminate risk by ensuring compliance with federal and state regulations. By verifying an employees licensing and certifications at the point of hire, organizations can make an informed decision regarding their hiring practices and make sure their staff is properly trained and qualified to do their job.

By using an automated license verification process, healthcare organizations can reduce time-wasting paperwork, protect patient safety, and proactively manage any potential risks to the organization. In addition, Certemys auditing capabilities allow for periodic reviews of employee certifications and licenses to ensure the organization remains compliant with all regulations.

Take The Stress Out of Verifying Your Staff With Certemy

Certemy makes it easy for healthcare organizations to streamline and automate the license verification process. From real-time tracking to automated workflows, Certemy offers the perfect solution for verifying and managing healthcare workers? licenses and certifications. It helps organizations reduce the risk associated with hiring and improving staff utilization, while increasing visibility across the organization.

If you are looking for a reliable and efficient solution for license verification, Certemy is the perfect solution. Contact Certemy today and start streamlining your healthcare professionals license verification program.


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