License Verification Tool | Asbestos Worker Supervisor

As an employer, one of your most important obligations is to ensure that all of your employees?especially supervisors and other management-level positions?have adequate licenses and certifications. This can be an incredibly daunting task in a large, multi-location organization, with hundreds of employees who may have been employed in the roles for many years. In order to make sure that workers are up to date with their certifications and occupational licenses, organizations are increasingly turning towards automated primary source Verification systems.

Certemy is one such solution, offering a comprehensive program for license verification. The Certemy platform provides complete visibility and control over workforce Compliance. Automated license tracking and primary source verification save time and mitigate risk, and make it easier to stay within legal requirements. Certemy uses real-time tracking of employees’ licenses and credentials for a single system of record, so you can easily keep track of the licenses held by each employee, as well as expiration dates and any lapses in certifications.

The Certemy platform also offers pre-built workflows, allowing you to customize and automate license application processes. Every step, from application to verification, can be monitored and managed through one system. This makes sure that regulatory compliance is not an issue, and that every license is valid and up-to-date.

For management-level positions, such as supervisors, making sure that their training and certification is valid and current is essential. Companies are liable for many workplace safety regulations, meaning It is essential to make sure that those in authority meet the relevant requirements.

Certemys automated system is one way to streamline the process of license verification for supervisors. An organization can use the system to check each employees license status and ensure it is up to date. This means no time wasted manually checking licenses or conferring with the relevant regulatory bodies. Instead, a simple query of the Certemy database will reveal an individual?s license status.

In addition to saving time, the automated verification system also prevents potential embarrassing mistakes from being made. Not only do you avoid the possibility of hiring someone with an expired license, but you can also be sure that your supervisors are compliant with all relevant occupational regulations.

It is not only supervisors who benefit from the Certemy platform. Employees in managerial roles, those involved in hazardous activities, or those who must have additional license or certifications, such as working with machinery, can benefit from the platform. For organizations in highly regulated industries, such as healthcare or construction, the Certemy platform can provide an additional layer of confidence.

Using the Certemy program, employers get all the tools they need to stay compliant, save time, and improve staff utilization. Better still, the system also makes it easier to track and manage licenses and certifications, so you always know who is responsible for which license or certification.


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