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In the modern business environment, organizations rely heavily on upholding industry regulations and professional certifications. Not only do employee credentials impact the trust potential customers place in services offered, but they may also be a requirement of staying in Compliance with federal and state regulations. As a result, ensuring the validity of employee licenses and certifications is necessary for any business. Certemys automated license Verification platform simplifies this process, enabling employers and human resources professionals to easily verify credentials in real-time.

Certemys License Verification platform allows compliance professionals to efficiently ensure accuracy and validity in employee credentials, no matter their geographical location or the type of license/certification held. Thankfully, Certemy makes the process of verification highly intuitive and offer a simple way of staying compliant with regulatory requirements. For example, Certemys platform tracks and verifies initial and renewals license status, and external data sources are used to guarantee accuracy. In addition, Certemy offers monitoring and alerting to businesses to keep up with any changes to the licensure status automatically.

Detection and Remediation of Credential Exceptions

When it comes to staying compliant with regulations, timely detection of credential exceptions and errors can be the difference between success and failure. With Certemys License Verification system, discovering and resolving credential exceptions and errors becomes two steps in the same process. This simplifies the process of staying compliant and brings increased transparency to the fulfillment of regulatory requirements.

Certemy also facilitates the management of your organizations license and credential requirements. Pre-built workflows can be configured to automate license application processes, and default settings can also be adjusted to meet the specific needs of your business. This allows for a customizable platform that is tailored to the unique environment of any organization.

Here’s an example of Certemys industry leading License Verification workflows in action:

1. Primary Source Verification:

The verification of licenses and certifications begins with the automation of the process. Certemys system will provide a single source of truth by verifying credentials directly from the issuing agency.

2. Data Collection and Monitoring:

Once credentials have been verified, Certemystores and organizes the credential information digitally. With this data, a comprehensive snapshot of all active and renewal licenses and certifications can be captured.

3. Automated License Tracking:

By combining data collection and monitoring capabilities, Certemys monitoring system will detect and alert organizations to changes in licensure status or due dates.

4. Visibility and Compliance:

The centralized record tracking and real-time alerts allow administrators to maintain complete visibility and compliance of their workforce while saving time and improving staff utilization.

5. Staff Utilization:

Comprehensive tracking of staff certification also ensures that individuals are updated on new opportunities and linked to potential job openings.

In addition to providing the above capabilities, Certemy also helps clients to reduce the cost of compliance through automation and streamlined workflows. A single system of record eliminates the need for manual verification processes and provides an easy way to stay in compliance with regulatory requirements and other licensure-related duties. This also means faster turnaround times for license application and renewal processes which further helps to promote cost savings.

In summary

By using Certemys License Verification platform, organizations can benefit from the automation of license verification processes. This drastically simplifies the process of staying compliant with regulations while reducing time and cost associated with manual methods. Certemys license verification platform is trusted by many of the largest U.S. employers to save time, money, and mitigate risk associated with employee licensing and credentialing.


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