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Being a Fellow of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners (FAANP) opens up new opportunities for career growth and development in the nursing profession. The input of highly trained nursing professionals is essential for providing optimal patient care, and for aiding in the delivery of medical therapies and treatments in the ever-evolving healthcare landscape. As such, It is crucial that healthcare organizations have the necessary assurance that their staff meets the high standards of licensing and certification set by the FAANP.

Fortunately, healthcare organizations can now gain enhanced visibility and control over their license and certification requirements via the automated primary source verification capabilities of License Verification. A cloud-based compliance solution, License Verification is trusted by some of the largest US employers to ensure that their workforce is compliant with the relevant regulations.

What is License Verification?

License Verification is a cloud-based primary source verification system that streamlines the process for keeping an up-to-date record of employees? licenses and certifications. The solution offers a comprehensive level of insight into a workplace?s regulatory compliance posture and enables organizations to keep track of employee credentials in a single system of record.

By leveraging a database that is updated daily with the latest information from state licensing boards, License Verification provides a comprehensive view of an organizations license and certification profile. With this solution, organizations can ensure that the credentials of their employees are active, appropriately renewed, and free of any disciplinary action. Additionally, this cloud-based platform can provide automated notifications and reminders when expiration dates are coming up, over-licensing issues have to be considered, and expiration dates have already passed.

How License Verification Enhances Compliance

License Verification helps organizations guarantee that licenses and certifications are verified and tracked in a secure, safe, and accurate way. It aids them in staying ahead of regulatory compliance requirements, improving team productivity, and increasing visibility across the entire organization.

The solution can also preconfigure workflows to meet individual requirements, helping to automate the process of license application and renewal. This leads to fewer errors, improved compliance profiles, and faster onboarding processes for new staff and contractors. Furthermore, License Verification can help organizations audit license compliance, confirming the credentials of each individual in the organization and staying within the legal guidelines.

Through License Verification, organizations can also gain insights into their licensing profile. This includes identifying the most expensive licenses in the organization, outstanding renewal requirements, and the amount of licenses held by employees across locations.

In summary

Organizations in the healthcare sector face stringent requirements and regulations from the FAANP regarding the licensing of healthcare professionals. This necessitates having reliable tools to stay compliant and remain up-to-date with verifying licensed credentials of their workforce. License Verification offers organizations an automated primary source verification system to ensure that their employees all have the necessary licenses and certifications to provide quality patient care and services.



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