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Achieving ongoing compliance is a challenge for employers whose workforce is composed of highly qualified professionals who must undertake continuing education and are required to remain abreast of rapidly changing industry regulations. For these employers, the ability to quickly validate and track professional certifications is essential. A Certified Flight Registered Nurse (CFRN) can be used to not only provide the highest level of professionalism and legal protection for employers but, with a comprehensive license verification system, also confer the ability to quickly and accurately validate and track certifications and licensure of CFRNs.

The CFRN certification is a mandatory requirement for anyone practicing medical care aboard an air ambulance or fixed-wing medical transport and is overseen by the Board of Certification for Emergency Nursing (BCEN). Maintaining strict oversight of credentialed professionals in the aviation healthcare environment is critical for maintaining high quality of patient care.

Certified Flight Registered Nurses provide high-level patient care in pre-hospital, inter-hospital, and repatriation environments. They are typically the primary mediator between clinical and organizational policy, and collaborate with other clinicians and emergency personnel, such as paramedics and pilots, to provide timely and effective care to patients. As a test of nursing ability, the CFRN requires certification by BCEN, which involves a thorough knowledge of medical work as it relates to the practice, safety procedures, record keeping regulations, and a wide range of legal issues related to patient care aboard an airplane.

In order to ensure that all CFRNs are properly trained and meet the standards set by the board, employers must have access to a reliable and efficient license verification system to maintain an accurate database of CFRN certifications. Compliance with legal requirements is an increasingly important aspect of any business entity?s operations, and the growing complexity of the contemporary business environment makes it more difficult than ever to keep track of employee certifications. The absence of a comprehensive license verification system can lead to serious consequences, from costly fines to potential legal action.

Certemy is a remote primary source verification system that provides employers with the ability to quickly validate and track CFRN certifications. Its automated system ensures that certificates are accurate and up-to-date and that any sanctions or disciplinary actions are detected immediately. This allows employers to stay ahead of regulatory compliance, track employee licenses and credentials in one system, and improve productivity and visibility across their entire organization.

Certemy also features user-friendly workflows that can be customized to suit the specific needs of your business. Users can create and manage license applications, enter specific data unique to each individual, and easily manage multiple employee profiles. With Certemy, employers can quickly and securely verify that their CFRN certifications are current and active, helping to eliminate risk and improve staff utilization.

In an increasingly complex and regulated environment, reliable license verification is essential for any business that employs CFRNs. Selecting a trusted verifying system is an investment in maintaining compliance and protecting your company from legal issues and costly fines. Certemys automated, primary source verification system helps employers quickly and accurately validate and track CFRN certifications with minimal effort, enabling them to easily stay ahead of compliance requirements and regulatory changes.



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