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License tracking and verification is essential for organizations in any industry. Regulatory compliance has a price tag, and companies want to stay ahead of the curve. Implementing a tool that is 95% automated and accurate can help lower the cost of managing a license compliance program, increase visibility into the workforce, and maximize cost of staff utilization.

Licensing and certifications represent compliance with detailed regulations and standards, and when these aren?t up to date, a business is at risk for financial penalties, reputational damage, and, in some cases, legal action. Manual license tracking and verification can be slow, inefficient, costly, and difficult to update as regulations change. Certemy provides an automated license tracking and verification system to help businesses and organizations check and manage the credentials and licenses of their staff.

Certemy provides a complete Solution for primary source verification that can track and manage licenses and certifications in one system of record. This automated system provides an efficient, accurate and cost-effective solution to stay compliant. By connecting to primary sources, or issuing agencies, it is able to retrieve data certified by the government, verify accuracy, and sync the records to the Certemy licenses and credentials database.

Having access to all credentials and licenses in one system of record improves team efficiency by streamlining the compliance process ? from onboarding to renewals. Certemy allows organizations to manage all license-related tasks from one platform. Automated tasks can be configured to get triggered based on rules and regulations specific to the issuing agency. This helps free up resources and result in an optimized use of staff and resources.

By accessing the credentials of an employee, Certemy can make sure license and certifications are up-to-date and help monitor employee credentials. The system can automatically send notifications on renewals, expirations, sanctions or disciplinary actions. Certemy offers customers the ability to continue to monitor and control license tracking and verification during times of staff attrition or turnover.

To maximize the effectiveness of a license tracking and verification system, it must also be secure and reliable. Certemy provides regular system and security patches to not just protect data, but enable secure access. With encryption and authentication, the system is able to securely transfer and store data.

Certemy is a very effective license and credential tracking and verification tool that is reliable, secure, and automated. It is trusted by some of the largest employers in the United States to save time, reduce risk, and improve staff utilization. With a platform that is 95% automated and accurate, this system is efficient, cost-effective, and designed to help organizations stay compliant.


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