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As a compliance lead or human resources professional, keeping accurate records of employees’ certifications and licenses is an ongoing headache. Traditional verification processes are slow and prone to human errors — and when fines or other sanctions are at stake, you need a reliable system for ensuring that your workforce have up-to-date credentials. That?s why many companies are turning to automated license verification for their human resources operations.

Automated license verification services are designed to make the tracking and management of licenses and certifications faster and more secure. The system uses primary source verification, confirming that certificates and licenses are up-to-date and free from sanctions or other disciplinary issues. Organizations can keep accurate and up-to-date records of their workforce compliance program easily, eliminating the need for manpower-heavy administration.

The benefits of automated license verification stretch beyond the basic tracking of licenses. The technology can help organizations save time, mitigate risk, and improve team utilization. Accurate records and real-time tracking through one system of record make license application processes more efficient. Advanced workflow models allow the automation of licensure activities to free up resources and reduce the need for labor-intensive duties.

At Certemy, our secure platform allows clients to have an extensive view of employees? credentials. Complicated rule-based workflows are possible with our automation features. Companies can easily view details such as licensure and certification expiration dates, and update their records accordingly.

The primary source verification system uses real-time data to accurately track active certificates and other documents. This helps organizations keep in line with compliance regulations, without the need to manually scan documents or bring in additional personnel.

Not only does automated license verification make data collection quick and easy, but it can also reduce the risk of incurring fines or other sanctions. By eliminating human errors associated with incorrect or outdated records, companies can save themselves from costly penalties as well as possible disruption to business operations.

Trust is the core element of any organization. Automated license verification can help build trust on two fronts: internally, between the organization and employees, and externally, between the business and its stakeholders. Compliance regulations and penalties are major concerns for all parties — but with an automated system for keeping accurate records, everyone can trust that credentials are up-to-date and that personnel have met the necessary qualifications.

At Certemy, we?ve been trusted by some of the largest employers in the United States to provide the assurance that their workforce compliance program is compliant with regulations and up-to-date. We take pride in our fully configurable workflows; our technology makes the license application process as automated and effortless as possible.

Automated license verification is a critical step for any organization. It helps you ensure that your employees meet all necessary qualifications to carry out their duties, and provides your team with accurate records that have been verified to fit all regulation requirements.

At Certemy, we strive to make it easier for organizations to keep an eye on employee licenses and certifications with our suite of automated tools. Our primary source verification platform is designed to provide the utmost accuracy, trust, and compliance assurance.


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