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With legal and regulatory issues now become top priorities for companies in a competitive global environment, many are turning to license verification systems to ensure their workforce is in compliance with all state and federal licensing and certification regulations. Companies with multi-state operations require sophisticated and automated solutions to keep their workforce compliant, and Certemy is leading the way with its full-service license verification system.

Certemy is a cloud-based platform that provides license verification from primary source documents, verifying that an employees occupational licenses and certifications are renew, valid, and free from disciplinary action. It also provides automated license tracking, primary source verification, regulatory compliance management, and a host of other services to ensure that an organizations workforce is compliant with all occupational licenses and certifications.

By using Certemy, organizations can increase employee productivity and visibility into their workforce compliance program. The system’s workflow configuration allows for automation of license application processes while also providing up-to-date tracking of employees’ licenses and certifications in one system-of-record. This makes it easier for organizations to stay on top of any changes to their workforce compliance program, saving both time and resources.

what isets Certemy apart from other license verification systems is its automated verification process from primary source documents. By accessing a full scope of public record sources, Certemy ensures that the licenses of employees are verified to the most current version. This also expedIt is any necessary license renewals or additional licenses, as all records are regularly updated and maintained within the Certemysystem. This means that organizations can obtain verified license and certification information quickly and easily, without having to manually search or contact state-level agencies.

In short, Certemys license verification system is an essential tool for organizations seeking to stay compliant with the ever-changing legal and regulatory standards. By providing a comprehensive suite of services, Certemy ensures that organizations are always up to date and compliant with all licensing and certification regulations.


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