License Verification Tool | Blood and Marrow Transplant Certified Nurse

As a professional in the Compliance field, you already understand the importance of keeping up with the changing regulations of the US licensing regulations. But, as your organizations responsibilities increase, managing these policies can become tricky. You need a reliable system that can take care of this issue without the hassle of having to manually verify licenses. Enter Certemy, an automated primary source Verification system to manage all of your employee license and certification needs.

Certemy offers a comprehensive solution for verifying all professionals’ credentials and qualifications. It allows you to quickly validate occupational licenses and certification, ensuring that all of your employees’ credentials are up-to-date and free of sanctions or disciplinary actions. With Certemy, you will have complete visibility into your workforce compliance program to ensure that all of your regulations are being followed.

To understand why Certemy is the go-to option for license verification, It is important to consider all of its features and benefits. Here are a few of the key advantages of using this comprehensive system.

Automatic License Tracking & Primary Source Verification

Certemy makes it easy to track and manage all employee license and certification needs. It automates license tracking and primary source verification, giving you peace of mind that all credentials are up-to-date and meeting legal requirements. You can even customize workflows and set up reminders to stay ahead of compliance and reduce risk and inefficiency.

Real-Time Tracking & Single System of Record

Certemy allows you to take control of your license verification by providing real-time tracking of employee licenses and credentials in one system of record. This will help streamline processes and ensure all credentialing information is accurate and up-to-date. It has pre-built workflows that you can customize to fit your companies needs, making it easy to automate license application processes from start to finish.

Improved Productivity & Utilization

Finally, with Certemy, you will have improved visibility across the entire organization, as well as improved team productivity and utilization. With its comprehensive solution, you will be able to manage the entire license verification process from start to finish?including tracking, renewing, and even archiving license documents.

In short, Certemy is a great option for verified license and certification management. It offers a reliable, comprehensive solution that makes compliance and verification easy and efficient. It is trusted by some of the largest US employers and is a valuable asset for any organization that needs to keep up with ever-changing regulations.


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