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Licensing and certification are increasingly important in a competitive job market, as employers seek to hire individuals with an appropriate level of expertise that is essential for the successful and efficient operation of the business. With these credentials, employers are provided with an assurance that the candidates will possess the knowledge and professional competencies necessary to ensure the successful delivery of services in an organization. To provide employers with the most accurate information on licensing status and a comprehensive overview of an employees qualifications, many organizations have adopted the initiative of primary source verification.

Primary source verification is a process in which a third-party verifies an applicant’s qualifications through the original documentation of the credential. It is a rigorous process that involves submitting verification requests to the issuing entity and then gathering the required documents for review. Primary source verification is much more reliable than relying on only the applicant?s documents, eliminating the possibility of fraud. This practice helps employers achieve complete compliance with federal and state laws, protect their organizations from malpractice or negligence lawsuits, and ensure that only qualified and licenced professionals are employed in their organization.

The most common type of occupational license is the Master of Science in Nursing (MSN). Certification and licensure verification is particularly critical in the nursing industry, as It iserves as the sole guarantee of knowledge and expertise to employers and patients alike. Primary source verification for MSN licensure establishes trust and confidence in the certification status of the applicant?s qualifications, ensuring that the correct policies and procedures are being followed to guarantee that the applicant is a qualified, competent, and eligible professional.

Primary source verification can be conducted through an automated system or by manual verification by the employer. By automating the verification process, employers gain the most benefits. An automated license verification system enables employers to confirm the validity of the license in real-time by reducing the paperwork associated with manual verification. An automated system can also identify any missing or expired certifications to ensure that all personnel are compliant with their licensure and certifications.

To leverage the full benefits of primary source verification, employers should take account of the different benefits associated with adopting the process and consider the advantages and disadvantages of automated and manual processes. Adopting an automated license verification system offers several advantages when compared to manual verification, such as improved accuracy and efficiency, cost savings, and additional control and visibility over organizational compliance. Automating license verification can also reduce the manual review and approval time associated with manual checks.

By leveraging a comprehensive and automated license verification system, employers can access the highest level of assurance for their personnel compliance program. Automated license verification ensures that all personnel are properly and legally licensed and credentialed, allowing employers to ensure that their personnel are qualified to work in their respective fields.

Primary source verification is essential for organizations to promote safe practices and protect their businesses against any potential malpractice or negligence lawsuits. This process is especially important in the medical field, where it is important to ensure that all personnel comply with industry standards and that only qualified professionals are employed in the organization. Automating the verification process is the most efficient way for employers to maintain a continuous and accurate overview of personnel certifications and any discrepancies.


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