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As a growing number of nurses in the United States become certified as nurse midwives, it is essential that employers utilize license Verification systems to maintain a safe and compliant work environment. An automated nurse midwife license verification system can help employers easily identify practitioners who are licensed, properly credentialed, and who hold the appropriate certifications in their home state.

In order for a nurse midwife to provide medical services, they must hold an active, legitimate certificate or license from the jurisdiction in which they work, including advanced practice registered nurses (APRNs). In addition, licensure and certification requirements may be different from one state to the next. For busy employers, manually verifying each nurse midwife’s credentials can be a daunting task. This is where an automated system can make the process easier and more efficient.

Certemy is a leader in license verification with an automated primary source verification system that validates occupational licenses and certifications across all your nurse midwives, confirming that they are active, properly renewed, and free of any sanctions or other disciplinary actions. With complete visibility and control of your Compliance program, Certemys automated license tracking and primary source verification helps keep you ahead of any regulatory requirements.

Trusted by some of the largest US employers, Certemy helps save time on license application processes, simplify staff utilization, and reduce overall risk. All employee licenses and certifications are tracked and managed in one secure system of record. In addition, this system improves team productivity and overall visibility, allowing employers to easily access information to meet compliance demands.

Not only does Certemys automated system ensure that your employee nurse midwives are compliant, it also helps protect both your patients and the employer from any potential liabilities. With verified credentials, the employer can rest assured that each nurse midwife is qualified to provide services and is held accountable for any medical or malpractice coverage claims.

Certemy helps employers manage licenses, credentials, continuing education requirements, and residency documents. With the added ability to set notifications to alert employers when nurse midwives’ licenses are due to renew, Certemy ensures that all registered nurses are up to date and properly certified.

For both employers and healthcare providers, Certemystreamlines the process of license verification and ensures that all nurse midwives are compliant. This ultimately results in improved overall patient safety and clinical outcomes, as well as increased efficiency in providing medical services.


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