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The success of any organization largely depends on its personnel and managerial staff?s ability to maintain high ethical and professional standards. This is why verifying professional licenses when hiring new employees or vetting potential employees is an integral part of any successful organization. Certemy is a leading license-Verification platform that provides a comprehensive view of the employees credentials, enabling employers to make informed personnel decisions.

Certemys license verification process is powered by an automated primary source verification system that checks to make sure employee licenses are valid and up-to-date. This significantly reduces the risk of liability to employers caused by disciplinary actions or any other potential issues related to professional licensure. There?s also the ability to easily track and manage any changes or expired licenses with Certemys automatic updates..

Not only does Certemy make it easier to manage and verify employee licenses, but its automated processes can help improve utilization of staff and save time. The platform also offers pre-built workflows that can easily be configured to automate the license application process. This goes a long way towards improving team productivity while saving employers time in the process.

Organizations can also leverage Certemys real-time tracking of employee licenses, credentials and other requirements in one system of record. This helps keep records, documentation and data all in one convenient location, providing organizations full visibility and control of their workforce Compliance program. This provides employers with the assurance that their personnel are in compliance and have up-to-date credentials.

Using Certemy to verify professional licenses can save organizations time and money while reducing the risk of liability. The automated primary source verification system ensures employees’ credentials are up-to-date and void of any sanctions or disciplinary actions. And with pre-built workflows and real-time tracking, employers can quickly verify employee licenses while improving team productivity.



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