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In an increasingly complex and regulated world, many organizations are facing growing challenges ensuring their team members have the necessary licencings and certifications. Obtaining and maintaining professional licenses and certifications can be a labor intensive process, taking up a considerable amount of human resources time and resulting in increased costs. As the world of compliance continues to become more regulated, companies are turning to automated license and certification verification platforms to help maximize business efficiency and reduce administrative and compliance costs.

Certemy is the leader in license and certification verification with an automated primary source verification system that verifies occupational licenses and certifications across employees, confirming whether they are active, appropriately renewed and free of sanctions or other disciplinary actions. Certemy provides companies with complete visibility and control of their compliance program, automatic tracking of licenses and credentials in one system of record, as well as improved team productivity and visibility across the organization. Additionally, Certemys license application processes can be tracked in real-time and automated with pre-built and configurable workflows.

Organizations in regulated industries who are looking to build and maintain a compliance program can benefit greatly by using automated license verification. An automated license verification tool will save the organization time, resources, and money while mitigating risk and staying ahead of regulatory compliance. Here are some of the key benefits an organization can experience by utilizing an automated license verification tool such as Certemy.

Real-time Tracking

Certemys proprietary technology allows for real-time tracking of employee licenses and credentials in a single system of record. Companies will be able to view all of the relevant information needed to remain compliant with regulatory requirements. This includes license expiration dates, renewal requirements, and organizational changes that could affect credentials. The software also generates notifications for certain events including license expiration dates, disciplinary action and other compliance issues that may arise. With this ability, organizations can be more proactive in managing their compliance program and remain ahead of the curve with licensing regulations.

Automated Workflows

Certemys automated workflows will streamline the license application process, allowing for improved efficiency and visibility across the organization. The software is pre-built and configurable, allowing for adjustments to suit the specific needs of the compliance team. Automated workflows include tasks such as tracking and managing the renewal process, submitting notifications, and initiating corresponding disciplinary action, ensuring that the company remains compliant with regulations.

Trusted by Large Employers

Certemys license verification tool is used by some of the largest employers in the United States. Companies such as Microsoft, Walmart, and Amazon have entrusted Certemy to manage their license verification process, as they recognize the value it provides to simplify compliance efforts and mitigate risk. With Certemy, companies have the assurance that their organization is meeting regulatory standards and keeping their staff compliant.

Enhanced Visibility and Monitoring

Certemy provides enhanced visibility and monitoring capabilities that will help organizations to proactively manage their compliance program. Companies will be able to track each individual license and certification, receive notifications and updates for license renewals, and access detailed information on each employees credentials. This will allow the compliance team to focus on the more pressing issues, such as ensuring that the company is adhering to all legal requirements.

Audit Compliance

Companies using Certemy will be able to keep track of their audit compliance, ensuring that their staff is always compliant with regulations. By using an automated license verification tool, compliance teams are able to accurately monitor each employees credentials and take appropriate action if needed, ultimately ensuring that the company and its staff remain compliant with regulatory requirements.

Ease of Use

Certemys license verification platform is user-friendly and easy to use. Companies will be able to quickly and easily manage their license verification process, from tracking individual credentials to submitting notifications and other actions. The software also provides detailed reports and analytics that will help companies understand their compliance performance, making it easier to identify any potential issues and take appropriate action.

Concluding remarks

An automated license verification tool can provide organizations with the tools and visibility necessary to ensure their compliance program remains up to date. Certemy is a leader in license and certification verification and provides companies with the assurance that their organization is up to date with the latest regulations and keeping their staff compliant. Certemys license verification platform offers a variety of features and benefits for organizations seeking an efficient and easy way to manage their compliance program.


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