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For healthcare practitioners, staying abreast of changing medical regulations and licensure requirements can be a challenge, particularly given the complexities of healthcare regulations and the requirement to ensure that credentials are up to date for all CCM professionals. Certemys automated primary source Verification system helps healthcare organizations comply with regulations and validate provider credentials for the Certified Correctional Health Professional-Clinical Provider (CCHP-CP) license, with the added benefit of minimizing potential risks associated with inaccurate or out-of-date credentials.

Certemys Fully Automated System

Certemys CCHP-CP license verification system is a fully automated primary source verification tool, making it easy to keep track of licensure and credentials. Certemys license verification system includes automated reporting capabilities, comprehensive tracking, and advanced analytics that consolidate a variety of credentialing information into one easy-to-view dashboard.

The system also performs a direct comparison to verify information that has been cross-checked with multiple sources, including state organizations and multiple specialty certification boards. Certemy uses an automated data collection platform to ensure accuracy and keep errors to a minimum. This helps to reduce the amount of time required to investigate issues and verify credentials, while minimizing the amount of effort required on the part of practitioners and staff to update records.

Real-Time Tracking of Licenses and Credentials

Certemys CCHP-CP license verification system allows healthcare organizations to get instant updates and alerts on pertinent licence information such as changes in state requirements, expiration dates, and disciplinary action. The system provides real-time licensure tracking and alerts based on all pertinent data points, allowing healthcare organizations to quickly and accurately assess and address Compliance-related issues.

The verification system allows providers to update their credentials from any device, using the Certemy mobile app. The app sends push notifications for important updates and reminders regarding license renewal and other compliance-related matters, helping to streamline license management processes.

Pre-Built Workflows

Certemys CCHP-CP license verification system provides pre-built workflows that automate the process of license application. This reduces manual data entry errors and time-consuming duplicate entry. Additionally, with the automated workflow feature, compliance teams can easily manage all applications for multiple providers and across multiple states in one place.

Improved Team Productivity

Certemys CCHP-CP license verification system helps to improve team productivity and overall visibility, making it easier to manage and oversee the complexities of compliance and credentialing. The centralized system of record helps to quickly identify potential delays and issues, reducing compliance risks. Additionally, the automated workflows help to minimize manual work associated with the license application process and provides easily audited records for regulatory purposes.

Closing ideas

The Certified Correctional Health Professional-Clinical Provider (CCHP-CP) license verification system helps healthcare organizations easily track and manage licensure and credentials. The automated primary source verification tool provides real-time tracking, advanced analytics, and automated workflows that streamline the license application process. With Certemys verification system, healthcare organizations can quickly and accurately assess and address compliance issues, reducing compliance risks and minimizing the amount of effort required on the part of practitioners and staff.



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