License Verification Tool | Certified Post Anesthesia Nurse

When it comes to license tracking and monitoring, professional nurses certainly require special attention. A certified post-anesthesia nurse must possess the necessary skills, experience, and credentials to properly and safely care for patients recovering from a surgical procedure. Luckily, employers now have access to innovative primary source verification systems that automate and streamline the monitoring of occupational licenses and certifications while also providing complete visibility and control of compliance programs.

Primary source verification is the process of verifying an employees license/credentials by sourcing information from the issuing authority. This means that companies can be absolutely certain that the individual working as a post-anesthesia nurse, or any other medical or professional position for that matter, holds the required credentials. This allows employers to save time while mitigating risk by ensuring their occupational licenses and certifications are active, properly renewed, and free of any disciplinary actions.

Certemy is the leader in license verification, offering a technology-driven system to validate, track, and manage employee licenses and certifications. This workforce compliance platform provides real-time tracking of permits and other credentials within a single system of record. Organizations can set up automated license application processes with customizable workflows that are tailored specifically to their operations and personnel. As a result, compliance teams can significantly reduce administrative drudgery and errors while providing other departments with visibility into employeeskills and qualifications.

Organizations have the option of integrating Certemys license verification system into existing HR solutions, as well as compatible cloud-based tools. This allows companies to streamline employee onboarding, offboarding, and other HR processes and procedures. Additionally, their comprehensive API platform enables Certemy to integrate seamlessly with the technologies already being used by the organization.

Thanks to the implementation of primary source verification tools like the ones offered by Certemy, employers can ensure that post-anesthesia nurses have the appropriate qualifications and credentials. Rather than having to manually verify multiple databases for license renewal information, organizations can automate these processes with Certemys technology-driven license monitoring and tracking tools. This helps to reduce the risk of sanctions or other disciplinary actions while ensuring the most qualified personnel are employed.


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