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When it comes to managing healthcare regulatory compliance an organizationshould not take any risks, as there is no margin of error when it comes to crucial healthcare licenses and certifications. Medical-surgical nursing certification tracking is an integral part of any healthcare provider?s operations. It enables organizations to stay up to date with the essential validations required by local and federal requirements, reducing the potential risk of fines, reduced revenue flow, and lapsed credentials.

With Certemy, organizations now have access to a comprehensive suite of integrated compliance and license tracking tools that allow organizations to view, track, and manage all medical-surgical nursing certifications online quickly and easily. It is now simpler than ever for organizations to stay up to date with the necessary regulatory requirements and to maximize their HR operations.

What is Medical-Surgical Nursing Certification?

Medical-surgical nursing certification is the process of validating a healthcare practitioner?s credentials in order to assure that a qualified professional is providing the necessary care. This certification, typically issued to registered nurses, often requires a combination of educational background, professional experience, and in-depth knowledge to be approved. It confirms that the end-user is legally qualified to provide the services necessary given the specific context and is a cornerstone of healthcare operations.

Organizations can use Certemy to securely store and track staff medical-surgical nursing certifications across their entire organization. With built-in workflows they can easily forward an individual?s credentials for review and taking the necessary steps to obtain certification where applicable. All certifications are stored and tracked directly within the system, operating as a single source of truth.

As healthcare regulations and standards constantly evolve, updating and maintaining accurate lines of certification can become a burden for some organizations. Certemysimplifies this process by automatically validating and storing certifications across staff, streamlining document retention and reducing the time and resources associated with managing these credentials.

Benefits of Medical-Surgical Nursing Certification Tracking

As healthcare regulations become increasingly stringent, organizations must rely more heavily on medical-surgical nursing certifications. Keeping up with the dynamic shifts in healthcare operations requires a comprehensive approach to managing, tracking, and leveraging certifications across the entire organization that Certemy greatly simplifies.

Certemys automated primary source verification system provides greater visibility and control of an organizations workforce compliance program. In an industry where there is zero margin for error, Certemy offers real time tracking of personnel credentials to ensure they remain active and up to date. With this system of record, organizations are better equipped to identify any lapsed certifications or any potential medical-surgical nursing disciplinary actions.

Organizations also benefit from the time savings and increased productivity associated with Certemys automated license tracking and primary source verification. Companies can leverage pre-built workflows that are fully configurable to streamline and automate the entire certification process, eliminating the arduous task of gathering and validating the credentials required.

Final considerations

Navigating the complex landscape of healthcare regulations can be arduous, often involving an array of disparate systems and manual processes. To eliminate the risk associated with regulatory non-compliance, organizations need a comprehensive approach that allows them to efficiently manage medical-surgical nursing certifications across staff while also staying abreast of the ever-evolving and dynamic regulatory landscape.

Certemy is a trusted partner for some of the largest employers in the US, enabling organizations to track and manage licenses and certifications in one system. With efficient workflows in place, organizations are no longer bogged down with unnecessary manual processes and can instead focus their attention on their core operations.


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