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Whether you are managing the credentialing for medical professionals or vetting incoming talent, It is imperative that Compliance teams have the right solutions to manage and monitor compliance risk. Certemy is an automated primary source Verification system that provides license tracking and licensure verification of professional credentials. Here we review the automated license tracking features and explore how Certemys primary source verification offers complete insight and full control of your employee compliance program.

Why Manage Professional Licenses

Improper vetting of credentials can lead to legal and compliance risks to an organization. Employers may be liable if they fail to evaluate the credentials of incoming employees and contractors, or if they hire someone with an expired or revoked license. Automated license tracking is essential to mitigate such risks and ensure all professionals working in your organization are properly credentialed and have all the certifications and licensure relevant for their profession.

What is Automated License Tracking

Certemy provides automated license tracking which simplifies the complex credentialing and license verification process. It helps organizations continuously monitor and update the licenses and certifications of their professional staff. The platform tracks certifications, sponsorships, licensure, change of address, and other certifications and verifies the information against primary sources. It provides real-time alerts when licenses are due to expire and help supervisors and Human Resource managers stay on top of the compliance program.

License Application Automation

?Certemy offers easy-to-configure workflow automation for onboarding new hires. All license applications can be streamlined with the help of customizable workflows. Automated reminders and alerts ensure the initiation and completion of license applications within predetermined timelines. The platform also provides complete adherence to the legal requirements concerning professional licensure. This ensures that every new hire has all their required credentials at the time of hiring and helps organizations to maintain compliance.

Primary Source Verification

Certemy is a leader in license verification with an automated primary source verification system that validates active licenses and certifications across your employees. With real-time tracking of employee license and credential detail in one system of record, you have full visibility and control of your workforce compliance program. The primary source verification helps to ensure that any sanctions or disciplinary actions are up-to-date.

How it Works

Certemy verifies the validity of professional licenses and credentials from multiple primary sources. The system scans and cross-checks the licenses across certification boards, occupational licensing departments, and other primary sources such as the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) and the Federation of State Medical Boards (FSMB). Certemy verifies the validity of licenses like Professional Engineer, Registered Nurse, Doctors, Pilots, Environmental Scientist, Mechanical Engineers & many more. The platform performs automatic checks of licenses against official sanction lists and instantly alerts the appropriate individual in the organization if any red flags surface.

Closing ideas

Organizations need to be proactive in managing and monitoring the professional licenses and certifications of their workers and Certemy offers one of the best solutions to do so. With its automated license tracking, workflow automation for onboarding new hires, and primary source verification features organizations can ensure total compliance in their operations.


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