License Verification Tool | Nursing Professional Development Advanced – Board Certified

As a compliance lead in a business, workforce licenses and certifications can quickly become difficult to manage and track. Regulatory compliance is a must and fundamental in any profession requiring specialized training and experience. The importance of staying ahead of compliance objectives is paramount but due to the sheer complexity and intricacies of license renewals, tracking, and verification often transcends beyond manual capabilities. As a result, organizations all around the United States are turning to automated systems like Certemy to streamline and increase accuracy in primary source license verification.

A key emphasis when managing a workforce is to remain compliant with most industries regulated by different state, federal, and international governing bodies. Non-compliance can result in Lead and professional classifications of any kind. A part of managing a workforce also relies on the many different credentials each individual employee earns that heavily depend on the area of expertise in their professional career. Managing credentials for licensed or certified professionals verifying that they are up to state or national standards within the organization can become a daunting task.

Enter Certemy, an automated license and certification tracking solution designed to save employers time, mitigate risk, and improve staff utilization. The system enables compliance leads to quickly access the crucial information required for verifying active license or certification statuses, renewals, and other disciplinary actions. The automated system brings visibility and control to all records in one centralized system of record. Doing so immensely increases the level of organization for the HR staff, making their job easier and can be leveraged across all areas of the organization. Licenses and certifications are tracked in real-time, providing an easy and efficient monitoring of employee records that provides security and accuracy.

The platform ensures accuracy and processes a variety of license types including Nursing Professional Development Advanced-Board Certified, certifying these credentials as valid and compliant with regulations. The system is integrated with pre-built workflows that are fully configurable and designed to automate the credential application process. With this system in place, HR teams are able to automate credential application management, speeding up time-consuming processes and increasing the efficiency of their team.

For employers utilizing this primary source verification system, the risk of inaccurate and non-compliant license statuses on record are greatly reduced. The certification of primary credentials and professional roles being compliant with the professional requirements for certain roles is critical to mitigating the risk and making sure the contractual obligations are fulfilled. As a result, organizations can have peace of mind and a streamlined organizational structure that can be easily viewed across the entire organization.


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