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Forensic nursing is a field of medicine that combines healthcare and investigative processes to collect and analyze evidence for legal proceedings or providing care for victims of violence. In order to practice in this profession, practitioners must obtain a certain set of credentials and licensures. Verifying this information can be an onerous task, requiring manual work and vastly consuming valuable resources. In enters Certemy and its automated license Verification that helps streamline the credentialing process and improve Compliance.

What is Certemy?

Certemy is an automated license verification system that assists in mitigating risk and ensuring occupational licenses and certifications stay up to date. It provides complete visibility and control of a workforce compliance program. It helps automatically track and manage licenses and certifications via primary source verification and stay ahead of regulatory compliance. It allows businesses to have real-time tracking of employee licenses and credentials in one system of record.

How can Certemy help Forensic Nurses?

Certemy can help forensic nurses in multiple ways. Firstly, it helps to save time by eliminating the need for manual donkeywork associated with license verifications. Secondly, Certemy helps to reduce risk associated with license expiration or failure of renewal. It helps teams to become more productive by having regulatory compliance information in one centralized repository. Furthermore, pre-built workflows of Certemy can be leveraged to help automate license applications processes.

Key Capabilities

Certemy provides a myriad of capabilities that greatly assist forensic nurses to excel in their profession. Its advanced reporting capabilities helps with easily understanding licensure and certification status at any given point in time. It helps organizations to save costs with automated primary source verification of all employee licensures and certifications. Its customizable workflows make it easier to manage complex employee onboarding and renewal processes. Additionally, Certemy helps to reduce the potential for negative outcomes from regulatory violations.

Final thoughts

Certemy is the leading license verification tool in the market and it helps to ensure forensic nurses are compliant with every type of credential needs to keep their profession. It provides complete transparency and control of the entire compliance program. Moreover, it helps organizations to stay up-to-date with the latest certifications and licenses by automating the intricate process. Certemys extensibility and broad capabilities make it a must-have product.


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