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Certemy is a leader in License Verification with an automated primary source verification system that helps employers to meet both legal and internal organizational Compliance requirements. By providing an efficient, accurate way to confirm that employees have the certification, accreditation, license, training, or competency records necessary to do their jobs, Certemy makes it easy to maintain a well-trained and up-to-date team. This helps HR departments, regulatory agencies, and employers worldwide to comply with regulatory requirements, and promotes a culture of competence and accountability within an organization.

Certemys advanced software helps make the process of managing compliance records easier and more efficient for employers. With primary source verification, Certemy unlocks the power of professional certification compliance verification?allowing employers to monitor and track the credentials of individuals within their organization. By automatically verifying and renewing licenses, credentials, and certifications of individuals, Certemy provides HR departments a means to check up on their employees and remain compliant with the latest regulatory requirements.

Credential verification on Certemy is completed through an innovative process which uses primary source verification. This means that an employer is able to confirm that the certifications, licenses, or accreditations provided by an employee are legitimate directly from the source (such as a licensing agency or an educational institution). This eliminates risk of fraud and ensures that only valid credentials are accepted.

The Certemy platform makes it easy to keep track of employee license renewals and other credential updates?helping employers to monitor the accuracy of employees’ credentials and maintain up-to-date records. Notifications are sent out when certifications have expired or need to be renewed. This way, employers can proactively protect their organization from potential compliance liabilities and quickly take action in the event of credential changes.

With Certemy, HR departments are empowered to efficiently manage license renewals and credential updates. At each step, Certemy keeps track of exact dates for when renewals are due. This helps to ensure that all employees remain compliant, that their credentials remain current, and that their certifications are kept up-to-date.

Certemy can also be used to track and monitor individual employee competencies. This helps employers to effectively review, evaluate staff performance, and quickly assess proficiency levels for current workers?keeping recruitment costs low.

Certemy is a comprehensive platform for professional certification compliance verification. It offers a complete solution for tracking employee credentials, licenses, and certifications; managing license renewals; and monitoring competencies. This powerful tool helps to ensure the compliance of an organization, helps to protect it from potential liabilities, and promotes a culture of competence and accountability within.


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