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Maintaining the right credentials for personnel working in regulated industries, such as the healthcare sector, is critical. Not only do healthcare workers need to meet qualifications, but the credentials also need to be up-to-date and regularly checked for sanctions or other disciplinary actions.

As the labor force of many organizations become increasingly transient, it is more crucial than ever to have an effective compliance program to manage and stay apprised of credentials. Primary source verification software is the answer to a streamlined and compliant credential management process for the healthcare sector.

What is Primary Source Verification?

Primary source verification is a process of verifying occupational licensure, certifications, and other credentials issued from the originating source. Through contacting and collaborating with the source to obtain information, the relevant credentialing board, agency, or other jurisdiction of origin can be sure the license, certification, or other documents are authentic and up-to-date.

For healthcare organizations such as hospitals, nursing homes, or other clinical settings, primary source verification is becoming an invaluable asset for proactively checking the status of credentials and minimizing the amount of risk associated with high-stakes clinical work.

Benefits of Primary Source Verification

Primary source verification can be useful for many types of employees, but its benefits are especially beneficial for healthcare workers. With the potential for severe medical complications or death, it is essential to ensure advanced practice nurses, respiratory therapists, and others know and use the latest treatments, best practices, and technological advancement.

Some of the key benefits include:

Active Visibility: Having access to real-time primary source verification results improves visibility and reduces risk of dealing with unverifiable or inactive credentials.

Cost Savings: Automated primary source verification can reduce payment delays due to credentialing errors.

Greater Efficiency: Automated verification systems remove the need of manual steps, saving time both internally and across the entire organization.

Reduction of Risk: Automated license tracking and verification can help organizations remain compliant with regulatory requirements and mitigate the risk of having unverifiable credentials.

Certemys Primary Source Verification Software

Certemy is a leading provider of primary source verification software, trusted by some of the largest employers in the US. Our platform helps organizations gain complete visibility and control of their workforce compliance program, with automated primary source verification that quickly validates occupational licenses and certifications.

Our license tracking system provides real-time employee tracking with one flexible system of record. Additionally, Certemys pre-built workflows allow organizations to configure and automate the license application process for greater convenience and efficiency.

Stay Compliant and Streamline Credentialing

Staying compliant with regulations and requirements can be an arduous task for healthcare organizations. Primary source verification software is the answer to maximizing efficiency, reducing risk, and being certain you are in safe-compliance with the applicable regulations.

When your healthcare organization comes to verifying credentials, trust Certemys primary source verification.


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