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Employers must stay informed when managing a workforce compliant with regulatory requirements. Keeping track of employees? licenses, certifications, and other credentials necessitates primary source verification to ensure accurate and valid documentation. License verification solutions enable employers to streamline compliance and stay up-to-date with the ever-changing regulatory landscape.

What is License Verification?

License verification is a process of confirming the validity of occupational licenses and other credentials of current and potential employees. An automated license verification solution enables employers to access the relevant databases and records to accurately verify employee credentials. The advantage of automation is that it can provide timely, accurate, and reliable information quickly and cost-effectively.

The Benefits of License Verification

License verification solutions offer several benefits to employers looking to stay compliant. The primary benefits include:

Mitigating Risk:

Employers that perform primary source verification of occupational licenses protect themselves from potential deficits that may arise if an employee is unlicensed and violates regulatory policies. Employers can also reduce the risk of fraud and false credentials by relying on technology for verification.

Expediting the Onboarding Process:

License verification solutions can significantly reduce the onboarding process for both new hires and current employees. Streamlined processes enable faster onboarding, eliminating the long wait times associated with manual methods and helping employers maintain competitive hiring processes.

Improving Productivity:

Time spent managing, tracking, and verifying employee credentials is time wasted. An automated license verification solution helps streamline processes, ensuring that license renewals, updates, expirations, and other issues are addressed before they become a productivity drain.

Real-Time Tracking with Certemy

Certemy is a leading license verification provider, offering employers an automated primary source verification system. Our platform can verify a variety of licenses and credentials across your entire workforce, providing you complete visibility and control over your compliance program.

Certemy was developed with the help of leading experts and can automate the most time-consuming processes. With real-time tracking of employee records, employers can enjoy an added layer of assurance and accuracy.

Our pre-built workflows are based on best practices, and we also provide the ability to configure our platform according to your specific needs. Employers can also easily monitor license renewals and expiration dates with our automated system.

Stay Ahead of Regulatory Compliance

Aligning with industry regulations is always a top priority for employers. With an automated license verification solution, employers can stay ahead of the curve and ensure their workforce is compliant. Not only is this important from a risk perspective, but it can also significantly reduce the time and money spent on compliance initiatives.

While traditional license verification methods are tedious and time-consuming, Certemy provides real-time insights and tracking capabilities for employers. Our automated system remains up to date with the latest regulations, and employers can monitor their compliance efforts at all times.

Certemy is Trusted by the Biggest U.S. Employers

Certemys licensing verification platform is trusted by some of the largest employers in the United States. Our license and certification tracking capability enables employers to save time, money, and resources while remaining compliant.

With our automated system, employers can optimize their staff utilization and reduce the risk of fraud and false credentials. We also offer powerful data insights, which enable employers to assess and optimize their compliance processes.

At Certemy, we are committed to helping employers maintain a compliant workforce that optimizes their operations and drives productivity. Our platform enables employers to analyze their workforce compliance program with ease, giving them the insight they need to avoid potential risks and comply with industry regulations.


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