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Primary source Verification of licenses is an imperative tool for any organization that must comply to regulatory standards and have assurance that any employee occupying a licensed position is credible, and certified to fulfill the role he or she is entrusted with. Certemys automated license and credentials verification system can provide a clear picture of Compliance status across a workforce, mitigating elevated risk, efficiently utilizing personnel, and saving time and money in the process.

Certemy is a powerful License Verification tool that offers an innovative automated process that performs primary source verification of licenses and certifications quickly and accurately. Utilizing the system employers can monitor and assess the integrity of their employees? compliance and statutory regulations, delivering a visible capability to maintain an active, current, and uninterrupted understanding of their workforce’s compliance status.

Certemy uses a sophisticated algorithm to automate the license verification process by checking against agency databases and other official sources. The program validates license expiry dates, verifies that certifications and licenses are active, and ensures that any disciplinary suspension or inquiries into an employees certified status can be brought to the surface.

How Certemy Works:

Certemy gives employers a greater level of visibility and control of their workforce compliance program by leveraging pre-built workflows that are configurable to meet organizational needs. Here are the steps that take place when an employer’s uses Certemy for license and verification processing.

    The employer enters the employees data into the Certemysystem.

    Certemy then authenticates the provided data from an authoritative website or organization.

    Certemy verifies the validity of the credentials submitted compared to primary source transcripts or records of their certifications or qualifications.

    Certemy displays a report to the employer with the relevant verifications, notations of renewal, active or expired status, or any disciplinary action on the credentials.

Certemy provides additional features to save time and money including tracking of employee licenses and credentials in one system of record. This eliminates the need for manual tracking of qualifications. It also enables employers to maintain clear oversight on the professional certifications of their employees, reducing resident risks and compliance issues. The real-time tracking feature gives employers the ability to seamlessly review an employees certification status with an audit trail for history and records.

Key Benefits of Certemy

Certemy is a revolutionary license verification system that can help employers by:

Saving time and money through automated license tracking and primary source verification

Improving staff utilization and visibility across the entire organization

Reducing time consuming manual entry for license application processes

Increasing overall accuracy and validity of employee license and certification records

Ensuring that employees are active, appropriately renewed, and free of sanctions

Automatically verifying license application data to reduce employee compliance risks

Certemy is a highly specialized tool that provides organizations with the necessary level of control and oversight of their licensed workforce. The system offers an automated process that streamlines the entry and verification of employee licensing information, generates reports when necessary, tracks renewal dates, and maintains a compliance audit trail. As more organizations utilize the practice of primary source verification of licenses, Certemy offers an essential tool to streamline the process while mitigating elevated risk, improving staff utilization, and saving time and money.


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