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Managing a compliance program can be incredibly complex, time-consuming, and difficult. In the current employment landscape, compliance officers are expected to maintain a comprehensive review of employee credentials, easily conduct independent audits, and provide quick insights into any gaps. The process often involves gathering licensing information for hundreds of employees scattered across different boards and jurisdictions, conducting manual review and verification, and keeping track of expirations and renewals.

Certemy removes these compliance headaches by providing an online system with automated primary source verification that validates occupational licenses and certifications across employee records. This platform gives you unprecedented visibility and control in your compliance program with real-time tracking of licenses in one central system of record. Plus, with customizable pre-built workflows, your organization can streamline the license application process, granting you a scalable way to improve staff utilization.

Certemy empowers HR professionals, compliance officers, and executive teams to remain competitive in the workplace, assure accurate record-keeping, and protect employee and organizational reputation. Offering an easily accessible platform, you can ensure the qualifications of your workforce are authenticated and valid, while mitigating the risk of using an unqualified employee.

Backed by a range of advanced technologies, Certemy leads the way in license verification with seamless integration and superior accuracy. High-performing data validation algorithms submit over 1400 primary source checks per day across multiple countries, eliminating any possibility of human error. This system instantly confirms the renewal status of licenses and certifications, simplifying the manual auditing and data entry that was once so painstakingly time-consuming.

Compliance teams no longer have to worry about their regulations and standards for management, as Certemys automated system accurately collects and stores license information and provides the most up-to-date insights into any license discrepancies. This system also offers customizable alerts and notifications for upcoming deadlines, interventions, and interruptions. An automated, real-time license tracking system puts you in control of licensing tracking across your entire organization.

Certemy works with an extensive and ever-growing list of primary sources from licensing boards to original providers of occupational licenses and certifications, preventing faulty license information from ever entering the system. With several Fortune 500 companies turning to Certemy for their license needs, you can be confident in the system’s reliability in providing the highest quality license verification services.

Certemy is a comprehensive and intuitive system for license verification that allows organizations to save valuable time and money, while remaining compliant with primary source accuracy. It is the right choice to keep your workforce compliant and protect your organization.


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