Telehealth Compliance

Organizations in the telehealth industry are typically required to adhere to a range of strict policies and security requirements in order to maintain compliance. To streamline the sometimes unwieldy process of managing digital certificates, coupling them with a certificate management platform is becoming increasingly important.

A certificate management platform is a system that helps organizations with their digitally signed certificates, such as digital certificates for encryption, authentication, and digital signing. As an integral part of any secure IT infrastructure, many industries rely on these certificates to ensure data privacy, data integrity, and system availability.

A certificate management platform automates an array of important tasks that would otherwise fall to complex manual management. Cloud-based platforms, such as AWS Certificate Manager (ACM) and Azure Key Vault, allow organizations to quickly deploy and securely store certificates in the cloud, while local IT managers can use the same technologies to manage their certificates on-site.

By combining automation and efficient scalability, certificate management platforms help organizations facilitate a wide range of secure operations. SSL/TLS certificates—PDF signatures, code signing certificates, and secure email services— can all be tightly managed through a certificate management platform. Compared to traditional manual management, the automation and scalability of certificate management platforms drastically reduce complexity and save time.

Certificates also have expiration dates, after which they must be renewed in order to remain valid. A good certificate management platform is designed to proactively alert to digital certificates coming close to expiry, helping organizations to avoid the significant disruption to operations that follow from missed renewal dates.

Organizations in the telehealth industry must not only adhere to industry-wide requirements, but also comply with HIPAA regulations, as well as industry-specific regulations. A certificate management platform helps ensure strict adherence to this medical data protection policy through the most secure encryption and authentication technologies available. Automated credential management, digital identity, encryption and digital signatures all rely upon a secure certificate management platform for their successful deployment, meaning organizations can shift their focus to delivering the unique services that sets them apart in the highly competitive market.

A certificate management platform helps organizations stay on top of their secure operations while providing a low complexity, highly efficient workflow. By streamlining internal operations, organizations can focus more on delivering the features and services that sets them apart in the industry. The result can be a better quality of service, greater customer satisfaction, and improved reputation.