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Given the demands of being a Human Resource (HR) compliance lead, it can be daunting to stay ahead of the curve on regulations and adhere to license requirements across a workforce. Tools like Certemy are solutions designed to bring the necessary power and data to streamline the license verification process. This automated system requires minimal effort and user interface, allowing companies to focus on the essential components of compliance management.

The primary goal for any HR Compliance Lead is to guarantee that their individual workforce is populated with licensed professionals who have passed and maintained the necessary requirements and standards that are mandated by the organization. Navigating this process can be highly complex and time-consuming. Accepted tutorials, validations of educational requirements, and the primary source verification of the licenses all need to be authenticated.

The advantage of Certemys solution is that all of this can be conducted with automatic tracking and verification that is integrated into one system of record. As opposed to manual processes, it allows for real-time and accurate record keeping. Furthermore, the simplicity of this integration provides quick access and control for data that provides a sense of trust throughout the administrative protocol.

Not only does this benefit the HR department, but it also permits an extended reach. Academy Education Directors, Board Members, or Administrators are enabled access to this data to search for any grievances or issues that could be present within the licenses. This functionality helps to remain abreast of updates on expired certificates and accreditation certificates.

Long gone are the days of extracting reports from multiple databases in order to account for the numerous credentials. Certemys platform offers an honed in tracking ability for compliance, saving time and money.

Moreover, there is an ability to configure pre-built workflows built specifically to automate license applications. Reducing manual labor can decrease time to hire, and this is ultimately what Certemy accomplishes. This can permit HRM directors the capability to pay attention to bigger organizational objectives and ownership of their staff in the form of accurate data that drives the nature of their job.

Certemy is a leader in License Verification and has partnered with some of the largest names in the United States, showing their proven track record of success. By providing an extensive amount of data, the solution offers far more than just the ability to process applications and credentials. It provides a complete view of the organizations compliance status.

For a HR compliance lead, Certemy is the perfect partner in crime by providing a robust system that goes beyond checking forms and applications. It is a tool that allows enterprises to keep a finger on the pulse of their business.


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