Compliance Automation Software

Adhering to compliance regulations is required for all businesses operating in the US, and is particularly essential for human resource (HR) departments. Fines from failing to comply with labor laws and regulations can be costly and have long-lasting business implications. Proactively upholding compliance mandates is the best way to ensure a harmonious working environment for the benefit of the employer and the employees.

To provide a comprehensive framework for meeting compliance standards, employers should develop policies that reflect applicable laws in the workplace. When creating HR policies and procedures, employers must consider compliance-related topics such as wages and hours, safety and health, overtime, labor unions, and discrimination. Policies should be reviewed regularly for accuracy and upgraded whenever governmental laws or agency regulations change.

Continued education and training for HR departments and employees is important for remaining compliant with federal and state regulations. Additionally, software solutions can be used to help track employee compliance requirements including performance reviews, absences, scheduling and more that are specific to each region.

Employers should also stay apprised of new regulations to ensure their policies and procedures are continuously updated. Having an outside audit of HR processes periodically is a great way to evaluate overall compliance. Systematic risk assessment can help identify areas that are in need of substantial improvement, as well as identify organization-wide compliance issues. As needed, auditors can provide direction and assistance on how to fix any compliance issues.

Effective HR compliance programs require an upfront investment of time and money, but ignoring labor laws and regulations can be much more costly in the long run. Diligently monitoring, tracking and addressing compliance standards is an ongoing process that must protect both parties in order to ensure there is a harmonious working environment.