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For many organizations, the ability to determine and confirm if employees are suitably licensed and certified is both important and time-consuming. With the introduction of automated Verification methods, organizations can now more efficiently ensure that their employees are compliant, relative to their licensing or certifications. This article looks at how the Certemy license verification platform can be utilized by Compliance officers within any organization or business, to verify professional licenses and certifications of their employees.

Achieving True Operational Efficiency with Automated Primary Source Verification

As the workplace continues to become more and more competitive, operational efficiency is key to staying ahead of the competition. Making the right moves quickly is often the deciding factor between success or a failure. As such, manual processes such as cross-checking and verifying employee credentials slow down this efficiency and can take extensive amounts of time. In order to prevent any delays, automated license verification tools such as Certemy are the perfect solutions for any HR professional aiming for real-time license verification and tracking.

Certemy integrates with existing systems and allows HR departments to automate the license verification process, while at the same time providing visibility and control of their workforce compliance programs. The platform is trusted by some of the largest US employers, allowing them to save time and reduce risk, while improving overall staff utilization.

Manually Verifying Employee Credentials vs. Automated Verification with Certemy

The traditional manual way of verifying employee credentials would involve contacting the licensing board, conducting physical visits or cross-checking with external sources. On top of taking considerable amounts of time, any mistakes or glitch in the process can lead to non-compliance and costly repercussions. Incorrectly verifying a license can lead an organization to unknowingly hire unlicensed staff or miss deadlines of when certifications are due, leading to costly fines or worse.

Certemy removes the burden and risk of manual verification, with its automated processes being able to detect any discrepancies that would be easily missed by human error. The platform also offers real-time tracking of employee licenses and credentials, in one single system of record. To ensure total compliance and preparedness, the platform is designed to alert an HR department of any changes or discrepancies in employee certification, allowing for substantial savings, in both time and money.

Utilizing Pre-Built Workflows and Automating the Application Process

Certemy not only offers automated primary source verification but also has pre-built workflows that are fully customisable according to any companies specific needs. What this does is provide a platform that will ensure total compliance through creating company policies and workflows, which can track employee credentials and license statuses. Not only can the platform detect discrepancies, it can also initiate and track employee application process, helping employees apply for credentials quickly and easier. This gives an organization the ability to minimize any delays in acquiring qualifications, leading to further cost and time savings.

In summary

By utilizing a platform such as Certemy, compliance officers within an organization can quickly and accurately verify the professional licenses and certifications of their employees. This platform is designed to automate the verification process and to integrate with existing systems, in order to track license statuses and discrepancies in real-time. It offers pre-built workflows and allows companies to create policies for their staff, leading to improved productivity and greater visibility across the organization.


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