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Organizations are responsible for ensuring each employee possesses the relevant qualifications and is up to date with licenses and certifications. This is a challenging and critical task, one that involves tracking the status and licensure of staff on an ongoing basis. To assist with this process, employers can use license verification tools to ensure the utmost accuracy and compliance in their workforce programs.

What is License Verification?

License verification is the process of confirming if an individual holds the necessary license or certification for their profession. It can also include verification of the status of the license ? Active, expired, suspended, etc. ? and any other disciplinary action the license holder may have been subjected to. License verification is an integral step in maintaining a compliant workforce, since it ensures that all of the employees have the appropriate licenses and certifications for the jobs they?re performing.

Importance of License Verification for Healthcare Management:

Healthcare management is a highly regulated field, requiring that all personnel have the proper licenses and certifications for the specific roles they are performing. The healthcare industry also faces escalating compliance demands as well as a greater risk for disciplinary and regulatory actions against employees who do not have the correct licenses, or have ones that are expired, suspended, or otherwise non-compliant. To address these challenges, employers should use a license verification tool to perform primary source verification so they can quickly and accurately validate whether their employees have the appropriate licenses and certifications and are in good standing.

The Benefits of Automated License Verification

Using an automated license verification tool provides a number of key benefits:

?Verifying that each employee has the relevant qualifications and licenses can be done quickly and accurately in real time.

?Documents are automatically tracked so employers can quickly identify expired, suspended, or revoked licenses, as well as any disciplinary actions that may have been levied against a license holder.

?Organizations can rest assured that they?ve taken steps to mitigate any potential liabilities or other risks associated with misusing or not verifying employees? qualifications.

?The license verification system can be integrated into the employer?s existing workforce compliance programs, streamlining communication and ensuring all employees are up to date.


Given the ever-changing compliance conditions of the healthcare field, as well as the risks associated with misusing or not verifying qualifications, It is essential that employers use a reliable license verification tool in order to stay ahead of the compliance curve. The automated system uses primary source verification to quickly and accurately evaluate the status of the license. Employers can thus rest assured that they?re meeting all of their compliance obligations and taking all necessary steps to ensure the utmost accuracy and compliance within their workforce programs.


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