License Verification Tool | Acute/Critical Care Clinical Nurse Specialist – Pediatric (Renewal Only)

Personnel safety and quality of care in any healthcare setting are largely dependent on the veracity of the credentials and licensure of the staff. In the United States there is a patchwork of regulations and licensure requirements for different types of healthcare professionals. This coupled with the large number of different professionals involved can make Compliance a daunting task. Licensing and certifications are not only critical for patient safety but are also important for governments, organizations, and healthcare providers in keeping compliance with regulations, reducing risks, and improving productivity and utilization.

A primary source Verification system is an automated solution to help organizations maintain compliance with occupational licensing and certifications. This system should not only track and manage the licenses and certifications of healthcare professionals but must also have the capability to validate these credentials and competencies against their relevant primary source. In basic terms, a primary source is an authoritative source of data ? such as a licensing board or state medical board ? which issues and maintains professional and occupational licenses. An automated primary source verification system provides a comprehensive method for organizations to ensure that their personnel are actively and appropriately licensed and certified, and are free of any sanctions or other disciplinary actions.

The primary goal of a primary source verification system is to protect healthcare organizations, regulatory agencies, and patients from any harm that may result from unqualified or unlicensed personnel. By leveraging a primary source verification system, healthcare organizations can ensure they are compliant with regulations and laws governing the practice of healthcare. The system should be automated and include the following features:

Real-Time Tracking

The primary source verification system should provide real-time tracking of employees’ licenses and credentials in one system of record. Each clinician’s status should be accessible at any time, allowing the organization to easily monitor and control staff compliance.

Automation of Application Processes

The system should include pre-built workflows that are fully configurable to automate the license application process. This will save valuable time and ensure that the entire process is fast and accurate. The system should also generate timely notifications and alerts whenever licenses and credentials need to be renewed or when a clinician’s information has changed.

Risk Mitigation

The primary source verification system should provide healthcare organizations with a comprehensive method for monitoring and risk mitigation. Automated primary source verification ensures that organizations are compliant with the changing regulations and laws. Automated license tracking also ensures that the organization is able to take appropriate steps when any disciplinary action is taken against any staff member. Organizations can also use the system to ensure that any new hire is qualified and has the proper licenses and credentials.

Improved Staff Utilization

The primary source verification system should be able to provide improved staff utilization. Organizations should be able to track the types of services each clinician is qualified and certified to provide. This will help organizations to better assign tasks and determine the best use for their staff.

Improved Visibility Across The Organization

The primary source verification system should be able to provide improved visibility across the entire organization. This will help organizations to better understand their personnel and monitor any changes or updates to license and certification information. The system should also allow the organization to easily access data regarding any new or existing clinician information.


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