License Verification Tool | Certified Breast Feeding Counselor

It is a great challenge for an organization, especially one that employs breast feeding counselors, to ensure that the certifications it requires of its employees are actively maintained, renewed in a timely manner, and free of any disciplinary action. By leveraging an automated primary source Verification system, any organization can easily ensure that they are meeting all the necessary licensing requirements and thereby reduce the risk of non-Compliance with regulations and protect its reputation.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the ?lack of support may reduce the chance for women to initiate or continue breastfeeding?. As such, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends that organizations employ certified breastfeeding counselors (BFCCs) for their staff. These BFCCs provide evidence-based lactation support to breastfeeding mothers and act as essential allies in promoting maternal-child health.

That said, having breastfeeding counselors on staff can be a serious financial investment for a company. In addition to hiring, and more importantly, retaining the right personnel, the organization needs to be sure that those counselors remain in compliance and credentialed as BFCCs. To ensure proper credentialing, organizations must be able to track the details of certification renewal, changes in certification status, and any other disciplinary action taken against a staff member. This is best done by leveraging an automated primary source verification system.

An automated primary source verification system automates the verification process and simplifies the insurance, verification, and credentialing process. By using an automated verification system, organizations can track certification status, ensure timely renewals, and maintain regulatory compliance. Additionally, an automated primary source verification tool eliminates the risks associated with manual verification methods, such as the misalignment of data.

Using an automated primary source verification system also provides organizations with visibility and control across their entire workforce. The automated system is integrated into a platform of record, allowing organizations to see, in real time, the status of their certification records and interests. Additionally, organizations have access to pre-built workflows that automate the entire application process for each certification, from start to finish.

Overall, the advantages of using an automated primary source verification system for breast feeding counselor certifications are numerous. Organizations can easily track the status of their certification records, ensure timely renewals, and remain in compliance with regulatory bodies. Additionally, automated systems improve the visibility of credentials across the entire organization and provide organizations with pre-built workflows to save time and resources.


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