License Verification Tool | Correctional Behavioral Health Certification

The correctional behavioral health sector is critical for a safe and secure society. But, many organizations lack reliable tools to accurately track their staff’s certification both quickly and thoroughly. The everyday demands of dealing with a potentially volatile population requires an effective and certified workforce that is equipped for the job. Fortunately, Certemy is a safe, efficient, and easy-to-use license verification solution that helps in correctional behavioral health certification.

An Effective and Comprehensive Tool for License Verification

Certemy offers employers primary source verification of licenses and certifications. Through its automated system, it verifies the validity and puts the employer in the position of making a wise and informed decision against hiring an unqualified workforce or one with a tarnished certification record. Certemy also keeps track of employee licenses and credentials in one comprehensive system of record. With timely alerts, employers are kept apprised of new certifications, renewals, and expirations.

Not only does Certemy help in the prevention of breakdowns in the chain of command, it is also an invaluable tool in keeping healthcare operations up to date with licenses and certifications. For example, this system alerts employers whenever an employees license or certification nears its expiration date, alerting the employer in advance when they need to make arrangements for renewal. In the event that an employees license or certification expires, the CourtNurse Toolbox offers a legal document preparation service that automatically prepares legal documents specific to the individual employees circumstances.

Certemy also helps employers easily manage license applications. Built-in workflows are customizable and quickly allow compliance leads to manage license application processes with precision. This enables correctional behavioral health organizations to be better prepared for outages or staffing changes that could otherwise put their workflow at risk if not managed properly.

Ultimate Visibility with Primary Source Verification

Last but not least, employers gain ultimate visibility and control over their compliance program with Certemys primary source verification system. Employers can trust Certemy with its seamless integration with any existing system of record and is trusted by some of the largest US employers to save time, mitigate risk, and improve staff utilization.


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