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Ensuring the credentials of the healthcare professionals in your organization are up-to-date and valid is essential for the safety of the patients and the success of your business. By using Certemy, you can ensure that the nursing staff working for your organization is properly qualified and free of any disciplinary sanctions. Certemy offers primary source license Verification with automated tracking and management of nurse licenses and certifications to stay ahead of regulatory Compliance needs.

Certanchor is trusted by leading employers in the United States to save time and lower risk, resulting in improved staff utilization. The technology makes real-time tracking of nurses? credentials in one easy-to-access system of record and can be leveraged to increase transparency and improve team performance across the entire enterprise. Additionally, it offers pre-built workflows that are customizable to automatically manage license applications. This guide will explore the advantages of using Certemy for executive nursing license verification, as well as how it works.

Advantages of Using Certemy for Executive Nursing License Verification

Certemy provides significant advantages for verifying the nursing licenses of executive-level staff members in your organization. The most notable advantages are:

It ensures that executive nursing staff are properly qualified and holds them to the tradition of excellence usually associated with executive positions.

It isimplifies the process of tracking and managing credentials for executive nurses and helps you to stay ahead of compliance needs.

It provides your organization with a one-stop-shop way to verify executive nurse credentials.

It ishortens the timelines for onboarding executive nurses and allows you to allot more time to patient care activities.

Certemy also provides several other technical advantages to ensure the utmost accuracy when verifying executive nursing credentials. These include automated primary source verification of the nursing license, automated tracking and reminders for keeping the credentials up-to-date, and instant status-checking on the licensure of your executive nurses.

How Does Certemy Work?

Certemys license verification system uses a wide variety of different sources to quickly verify the credentials of your executive nursing staff. This includes information from state agencies, boards, and other relevant bodies. When verified, Certemy keeps all the information in an easy-to-understand repository. This ensures constant monitoring and indicates any changes in licensure status as soon as possible.

Before an executive nurse?s credentials can be verified, Certemy first obtains all the requested information from the nurse. This includes the nurse?s full name, social security number, state of licensure, and license number. All of this information is then stored in a secure database and subjected to Certemys automated verification system.

Once the information is verified, Certemy makes a report available to the organization detailing all the information gathered, including the current status of each executive nurse?s licensure. This information is made available at any time and can be used to assess the current situation with executive nurses? credentials ? allowing for quick and effective decisions to be made.


Executives form an important part of any organization and ensuring that their credentials are always up-to-date is essential for high quality patient care. Certemy provides a powerful and robust license verification system for executive nurses, making it easier and faster to keep track of their credentials and stay ahead of the ever-changing demands of regulatory compliance.


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