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With the number of licenses and certifications that workers need in order to gain access to their desired positions or move on to higher-level positions, keeping track of them can quickly become a challenge. For large companies employing hundreds or thousands or workers, license Verification becomes even more time-consuming and important. Certemy is a leader in license verification, offering a comprehensive solution that employers can use to track and manage employee licenses and ensure that their workforce is compliant with relevant regulations.

What is Certemy?

Certemy is an automated primary source verification platform that acts as a system of record for employee licenses and certifications. It uses powerful algorithms and proprietary technology to ensure that the credentials in its database are valid, active, and in good standing. With Certemy, employers can obtain real-time insights into what licenses and certifications their team members require for various job roles and navigate the application process with ease. The platform also features automated license tracking that helps employers stay ahead of regulatory requirements.

How Does Certemy Work?

Certemystreamlines the process of tracking and managing employee licenses, saving employers time and effort. The platform validates occupational licenses and certifications in your system of record through primary source verification. This process involves cross-referencing the license and certification details held in your system with the information held by the issuing body, such as the State Board of Nursing or the American Association of Healthcare Administrators.

In addition, employers can leverage Certemys automated tracking technology to stay on top of expiring and renewing licenses. Certemy offers pre-built workflows which are fully configurable for license application processing and renewals, helping organizations maintain regulatory Compliance and avoid costly fines for overlooking renewal deadlines.

Benefits of Using Certemy

Certemys automated tracking and license verification system saves employers both time and money. The platform eliminates the need to manually check each application form and renewal notice for accuracy. In addition, Certemy automatically and continually monitors each employees license status, ensuring that expired certificates are updated and renewed on time. This gives CEOs and HR managers more visibility and control over their organizations workforce compliance program.

Certemy also offers features such as detailed reporting with real-time tracking and employee certifications, helping simplify strategic decisions regarding workforce utilization. This can reduce expenses for purchasing and managing employee licenses and certifications.

Last ideas

Certemy offers a comprehensive solution for employers looking to efficiently track and manage employee licenses and certifications. The platform?s automated tracking technology helps businesses stay ahead of regulatory compliance, while also providing insight into workforce utilization and helping to make strategic decisions. Certemys system is a great solution for organizations looking to save time and money when verifying and managing employee licenses and certifications.


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