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In the field of healthcare, medical professionals must demonstrate specialty training, expertise, and a corresponding certificate in order to practice the profession and deliver the level of patient care expected. A Certified Radiologic Nurse (CRN) is a healthcare professional who has completed post-graduate specialized education in radiology and has passed certification exams that demonstrate the nurse’s competency in the areas of medical imaging and radiologic consultation. Hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare businesses must ensure that CRNs meet all the requirements and certifications necessary for them to practice radiology in the health profession.

Certemy is a web-based license verification platform helping hospitals, healthcare organizations, and other employers in the United States to keep up with the constantly changing licensing requirements and monitor their CRN employees’ credentials. Certemys primary source verification system automates the process of verifying occupational licenses and certifications as well as tracks any disciplinary actions or sanctions associated with a particular credential. It provides complete visibility and control of the employer’s workforce compliance program, allowing them to stay ahead of any regulatory compliance issues and ease the license application processes.

Once their team of employees have been registered on the Certemy platform, the employer is able to get a real-time overview of all their employees’ licenses and credentials. This helps employers to keep track and manage any license renewals and more quickly identify incorrect employee credentials. The Certemy team can build customizable workflows tailored to the employer’s specific practices in order to automate the whole process of verifying any certified CRN’s licenses. This helps with tedious administrative tasks, freeing up personnel to focus on patient care and providing a greater assurance in confirming that all their radiologic nurses meet the necessary requirements and certifications.

The Certemy platform is designed to help Employers manage their occupational licenses and provide employers with a secure record of their employee certifications. This provides a level of assurance that employee licenses are in good standing, making them compliant with federal regulations and applicable laws. Certemy is an essential resource for employers that need to keep up-to-date with the required certification for radiologic nurses, ensuring that their CRN’s meet all the necessary requirements and certifications and can practice in the healthcare profession.


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