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Primary source Verification is essential for Human Resources (HR) operations as it helps employers slash their risk of recruiting and hiring individuals with expired certifications or un-renewed credentials. Due to the ever-evolving regulation landscape, HR teams must have adequate oversight to ensure they?re compliant with various state, federal, and industry requirements. This is why Licensure Verification, like Certemy, is critical for the entire organization.

Licensure Verifications reduce the risk of breaking labor laws, prevent the hiring of unqualified individuals, and improve staff utilization and productivity. An automated licensure verification system, such as Certemy, verifies all occupational licenses and certifications to ensure that they are valid and up-to-date. By leveraging the cutting-edge technology provided by a primary source verification system, employers can quickly and easily validate the credential status of their employees.

Not only does Licensure Verification provide an easy way for Human Resources to ensure Compliance with labor laws, but it also streamlines the hiring, development, and promotion processes. By having immediate access to the most up-to-date license and credential information, managers and HR personnel are able to speedily and accurately make decisions about their teams. This can significantly improve team utilization, accelerate recruitment, and reduce the risk of selecting unqualified candidates for positions of trust.

When employers make it a priority to ensure that all their personnel are working with valid credentials, the risk of employee misclassification, non-compliance with safety regulations, and other legal dilemmas can be drastically reduced. Allowing employees to track and manage their own credentials through an automated system is an excellent way to prevent any unjust sanctions that could be incurred if the employer is non-compliant.

By staying ahead of changing regulations and continually monitoring the validity and renewal status of employee credentials, companies and organizations can optimize their workforce and remain compliant far more cost-effectively. Through primary source license verification, organizations can reduce the risk of non-compliance and streamline their compliance process.

By investing in an automated primary source verification system, organizations are able to validate the status of employee credentials anytime, anywhere. Such a system quickly and easily captures the data necessary for HR teams to ensure compliance and peace of mind in their operations. Certemy is a trusted leader in License Verification, helping organizations of all sizes efficiently stay ahead of their compliance program. In a competitive labor market, employer?s must ensure they?re making and retaining the best hires and utilizing their teams to the fullest capacity.


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