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The Certified Lactation Counselor (CLC) credential is intended for healthcare experts offering guidance to nursing mothers on breastfeeding and other associated topics. In order to maintain the highest standards in the industry, it is essential to validate CLC certifications through primary source verifications. By leveraging trusted and certified primary source verification, it is possible to obtain real-time licensure tracking, improved team productivity, automated license application processes, and complete visibility and control of a compliance program.

The Benefits of Primary Source Verification for CLC Certification

Primary source verification is an important part of managing compliance programs and greatly assists in validating CLC certifications. A primary source verification system offers an advanced way to safeguard high professional standards and is the purest form of license verification available. The automated system for primary source verification allows employers to have visibility of real-time tracking of employee licenses and credentials and access complete records from the issuing authority.

The primary source verification system allows for automatic license tracking and confirms that licensure is active, appropriately renewed, and free of sanctions or other disciplinary actions. All of this eliminates the chance of human oversight and also improves the staff utilization process. Additionally, leveraging pre-built workflows provides automation of the license application process and ensures that compliance programs are up-to-date and efficiently managed.

Best Practices for Primary Source Verification

In order to make the most out of primary source verification for CLC certifications, it is important to adhere to the best practices for this program.

The first best practice is to implement the verification system as soon as possible. This is because the verification process must be used prior to any CLCs being hired and during the hiring process itself. Additionally, employers should update the system on a regular basis and conduct audits routinely to monitor system performance and employee compliance.

It is also important to provide training to all employees regarding the primary source verification program and ensure that staff understand how to use the system correctly. Finally, employers should ensure that the system is configured properly and that all data entered into the system is accurate and verified. This is vital for accuracy and also for mitigating any potential risks.


Primary source verifications provide employers with a powerful tool for validating CLC certifications and managing compliance programs. The system offers numerous benefits such as improved staff utilization, real-time tracking of employee licenses and credentials, and automated license application processes. With these benefits in mind, it is essential for employers to adhere to the best practices for primary source verification to ensure the highest standards in the industry.


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