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In the modern era of business, technology is being utilized more and more as a way to streamline manual processes and gain efficiencies. This is especially relevant when it comes to the important task of verifying the professional licenses and certifications of personnel. Companies are increasingly turning to automation to help manage and track the credentials of their workforce, ensure compliance, and save time in the process.

Certemy is helping to lead the charge when it comes to license verification automation. With its advanced primary source verification system, employers can confirm that their employees have active, appropriately renewed, and free-of-sanction licenses. This comprehensive system offers unparalleled visibility and control over the compliance of a companies workforce, plus a variety of integrated features that make monitoring staff licenses and certifications simple and efficient.

By utilizing primary source verification, companies can take advantage of real-time tracking of employee licenses. This assures the accuracy of all recorded information and provides the company with have peace of mind about the legality of hiring and deploying personnel. Plus, Certemys automated license application process securely handles paperwork and the personnel data necessary for license and credentialing applications, speeding up the turnaround time when onboarding new employees.

The advanced software from Certemy is a boon to compliance managers and HR professionals alike. By freeing up time once spent on manual license verification and application processes, staff can concentrate on more important tasks instead of spending days chasing after paperwork. Plus, with the automation, red flags and discrepancies can easily be detected and addressed, keeping companies up to date on the qualifications and statuses of their workforce.

By utilizing Certemys automated license verification tools, companies can both maintain compliance with all regulations and streamline the employee onboarding process. With pre-built, configurable workflows, workforces have access to the most up-to-date license information, and employers can be sure that their personnel are sufficiently qualified and legally able to perform their jobs.


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