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As organizations increasingly find themselves subject to scrutiny from regulators and customers ensuring Compliance with applicable licensing requirements, the effectiveness and accuracy of their license Verification systems have become paramount to protecting their brand reputation and preventing costly non-compliance incidents. Certemys automated license verification system has emerged as a leader in the workplace compliance space for mitigating risk and improving staff utilization.

Certemystreamlines the process of verifying and tracking credentials, including licenses, certifications, and degrees for your employees. By leveraging direct relationships with state and federal agencies, job boards, and verifying through various primary sources, Certemy ensures that data is verified with trust and accuracy. Certemy then sends push notifications to the managers on any changes to a credential that needs attention.

Organizations concerned about risk and compliance management can leverage Certemys automated application workflow system to help manage and ensure that required licenses and certifications are properly applied for and maintained with the appropriate certifying authorities. The system helps with managing license renewals and expiration notifications to ensure ongoing compliance.

Certemys platform also provides key performance metrics to help organizations assess their team utilization. Through the dashboard, key metrics such as time to fill, average onboarding time, team utilization, and the total pipeline specialization by job function can be assessed and tracked against team growth and performance objectives. This deep level of insight into the teams performance can help organizations optimize their organizations and find areas of improvement.

Certemy also provides detailed analytics and reporting of license and credentialing data in one centralized platform. With this, organizations are better equipped to audit their workforce compliance programs and adjust their strategies accordingly. The tool helps with keeping track of license history and changes overviews, providing more peace of mind for the organization.

Overall, Certemys automated license verification system is a robust tool that enables organizations to track, manage and audit their license and credentialing processes efficiently and cost effectively. With access to powerful analytics and reporting features, organizations can easily see at a glance the performance of their compliance program. The system also provides real-time tracking and notification of employee license and credentials. By leveraging Certemys automated license verification system, organizations can ensure that they remain compliant and mitigate their risk.


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